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    Stuff that headbangers believe

    Flat earthers from all around the globe fall in to this category too. And “Finland doesn’t exist” apparently is another headbanger conspiracy theory. Dom Jolly’s latest tour focuses on these conspiracies and more. He says it’s hard to argue with conspiracy theorists and if you get into their...
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    Even scarier, those same people got the license to drive any vehicle type if they ticked all the boxes!
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    Closure Orders

    Twice before. I wonder is another new name in the offing for it?
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    The Old College Bar.

    No pool tables in there in my day, all’s we had was the bare floor….and we were happy with it. God I miss that floor! And the Thirsty Scholar was affectionately known as the Dirty Squalor.
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    Pubs reopening June 29th

    Will there be royalty at the opening night?
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    Do you name each of those clicked fingers with feminine names you do?
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    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    House is for sale now: Good location if you don’t have a car. Would it bother you knowing the previous resident’s history?
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    RTE: Radio, Telefis, Empty pockets

    They could send them up to the 4 Liars.
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    I don’t think the point was to single out Sinn Fein Soundy, in fact it was the exact opposite point that was being made. They are the SAME as all the rest of them!
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    The Greens rely on the same principle that they tried to use for this referendum. “Vote yes for family”…,it must be good if it is for family…..”The Green Party, they care about the environment”… must be good. Smart people see through the bullshit of both, however in a world of Twitter...
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    You’re probably right!
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    We normally get a second chance when we vote “the wrong way”, that also usually results in a fix to the reason why we voted the wrong way. Let’s hope it’s the same here. The first thing they will have to do is clearly call out what exact problem they are trying to solve. Then show a clear link...
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    Michael D Higgins uses ATM in Winthrop st Cork

    At least he outlasted the Winthrop St ATM.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    I’ve never heard that variant, “while go” is the usual one .
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    No, because it is a piece meal and ill thought out roll out. There’s too many places where it goes from extremely safe to extremely dangerous in an instant. South Mall is a case in point. You think you are on a segregated cycle lane but every side street has an entrance off The Mall, you really...
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    I thought for a second you typed that you had spat in every bottle!
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    Seems like this is unnecessarily overly complicated system, what was wrong with collecting them in the recycle bins and processing them en masse? Individuals transporting them to the supermarket seems counter intuitive when we already have companies traveling to nearly every home in the country...
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    Places that won't reopen

    On top of fire certs and other reasons mentioned more spring to mind driving vacant commercial premises. Generational ownership of the property. Their predecessors were shrewd people that had a business in that property, or were just sharp landlords. Subsequent red raw useless generations don’t...
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    He has that on camera!
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    Probably pre-pandemic to be fair. Unfortunately I do live out of a suitcase because of work, and have done too many flights and nights away from home, enough to reach BA Gold, Aer Lingus Platinum, Marriot Lifetime Silver Elite….i.e. all the signs of a crappy existence travelling all the time...