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    Australia/Toulon's James 'O'Connor suffers Heart Attack Poor fella. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
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    Do I have a virus.

    I have an old enough laptop which runs uses Windows 2000 Pro. The computer runs perfectly most of the time but can slow down for a few mins for no reason. I have F-Secure running on it since I've got the computer and also use Spybot and CCleaner sporadically. Now recently F-secure has failed...
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    Eminem's new video!

    Funny yea or nay? DptkI0EY6ZY
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    BBC on the GAA Business model.

    Sports fans dismayed by a landscape in which leading players command mega-salaries and governing bodies only seem to care about the elite levels should study how business is done at the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The Dublin-based GAA, which this year celebrates its 125th anniversary, is...
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    Irish Soccer Hooligans

    Programme on TV3 now....Load a shite but some of ye Proccers might see yourselves on it. :)
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    SFI and Ronaldo.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is, by any objective measure, an utter knob. Wednesday night's shenanigans with Steven Taylor - "My face! My face!" - were not in the same league as the work of that other master of deception, the Great Rivaldo, but Cristiano is still young. He can only get better with age...
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    Brown Water.

    All the water from the mains is coming dirty brown. It's happening quite a lot lately just for an hour or two and then back to normal. Very annoying. I want a cup of tea :( Any one else having the same problems? Northside area.
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    What a legend.
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    Population of the PROC!

    With the explosion of multiple user names it's hard to figure the actual number of individual people that use the board. I generally only frequent the Sports and Langers Forum and i'd guess that there's about 20 regular users in the sports forum and maybe 30-40 in the langers. Is that about...
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    Christian Bale, nice guy! Attacking his family and now this.
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    Music Downloaders be warned!!

    In what has been billed as a world first, four music companies and internet server provider Eircom have agreed to work together to end illegal music downloading. The settlement brought to an end an eight-day trial in which the music companies were suing Eircom as the country's largest internet...
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    Will the Government last another 12 months?

    The Green's are starting to leave the sinking ship. How long before FF backbenchers follow suit?
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    Unpimp your ride bitches!

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    Quick Question

    Whats the name of the sports complex in ballincollig?
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    Friday Filth!

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    Ali Interview on RTE now

    Very interesting. Being youngish my only memories of him is seeing him stuck in a wheelchair, clearly a shell of his former self. He's a very interesting character, especially when talking about race relations. It's up their with the Bruce Lee interview.
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    Rachel Weisz

    Hot Stuff on Tv3 now!! Kinda the girl next door look about her
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    Little Big Planet PS3

    brand new...sealed 50 quid. PM me.
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    Mexico going to shit due to drug lords.

    Police in Mexico have found nine decapitated bodies close to a highway in the southern state of Guerrero. A local official said some of the victims were soldiers. Thousands of troops have been deployed across Mexico in anti-drug smuggling operations. Nine heads were found earlier in plastic...
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    I dislike the way you speak about woman.