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    Things you haven’t changed your mind about

    Ahhhh OK that makes much more sense, Thanks
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    The unpopular opinion thread.

    Christopher Nolan's use of sound and music in his movies is just annoying.
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    Things you haven’t changed your mind about

    What's Coffee clothing ?
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    The cyclist was on the wrong side of road. A motorbike had to squeeze between him and the car. He caused that. The driver is at fault for his own actions sure, no argument there that his actions are dangerous, but this doesn't mean that the cyclist can do whatever the hell he likes to ensure...
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    How so ? Are cyclists immune to traffic laws ? You can't break the law to film someone breaking the law. Or are you saying that cyclists should actually be in charge of road safety as they are better qualified than police?
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    Little things that are immensely satisfying

    When I parked up at home last night my car had just rolled over to 80'001 miles. So close!
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    In defence of Gregg Wallace.

    Greg isn't a chef. He's a green grocer.
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    2024 IOTY Repository
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    In defence of Gregg Wallace.

    Aye, Top bloke is Greg I mean GregG
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    In defence of Gregg Wallace.

    He's that prick who looks like a thumb, raves about anything that is overly sugary and is always skulking about factories being unrealistically impressed that machines are actually capable of mass production. Oh... and he has abs....(allegedly)....(alleged by himself) This prick
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    Religion of peace. Thread 175429

    She didn't say that though did she ? She said you post that kinda stuff. ...which you do.
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    Immigration Thread

    Were they singing "Olé" there at around the 1.20ish mark ? :lol!:
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    "She went and got herself pregnant"

    Hush up Soundy... this lad has no time for toxicity.
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    I dunno about that... The Nation of Islam has some pretty fucked up beliefs. Malcolm X said: So.... that would seem to point towards the opposite side of the view for me. They also teach that a black scientist created all other races through some form of eugenics presumably, and taught them...
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    The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

    Bumnal? What are you ...12 ? Have some self respect man ffs.
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    ...Not disputing your sentiment at all here but.... that's a bit out of the blue for a Saturday evening. What brought that quarehawk to mind all of a sudden ?
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    What are you listening to right now???

    The intro reminded me of paper planes for some reason