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    Cobra beer

    One of my favs. But why is the bottled Cobra 4.8% and the 500ml cans 4.3%? I don't get this, along with a lot of other things. Maybe it's the Cobra? Anyhow, a pack of 4 bottles is 5 euro in Lidl but in the Ballincollig Supervalu at the west end it was 1.99 for the same last weekend. I bought 10...
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    This should be interesting

    TV Now, the tv listings magazine has this to say about tonight's episode of the Big Bang Theory on RTE2. Set your sky box to stunned.
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    Sarah Jane Moloney

    She does the sign language on the news for the deaf. She has a mouth that's an extraordinary muscle. (BTW, she does the weather sometimes)
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    UCC Medieval Thingy

    Just driving a half hour ago along the western road from town and pulled over to see a bunch of students dressed in medieval gear and doing mock fights etc. Had to watch from outside the railings, public not invited, but very well done. Authentic looking costumes and helmets etc. I couldn't...
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    A Butterfly

    Just flew in my window. In da collig. On November 22nd. Is he retarded or what?
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    For aficionados of The Wire

    You might like to try out Spiral (Engrenages), a joint French/BBC production. I think there was 3 seasons of 8 episodes each with 2 more seasons to come. Recommended by no less than Mary McEvoy from Glenroe! Saw the 1st episode. Looks promising. In French with English subtitles.
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    Christmas morning swim

    Anyone know whether it's on in Myrtleville or Fountainstown and what time? Cheers.
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    Another one gone?

    The garage at Dennehy's Cross. Closed this morning, lights out and the pumps ringfenced with parked cars. Just closed on Mondays or shut down?
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    At 69 years of age you'd think he'd have a bit of cop-on. Getting married again. Maybe it's just me but she looks like she could be a sister of Heather Mills! She's a bit of a Flah though.
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    Things that make you horny about this country

    Most East European girls.