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    Football arrests and banning orders in England & Wales 2008-09

    Football arrests and banning orders in England & Wales 2008-09 Time to 'fess up lads. FOOTBALL-RELATED ARRESTS AND BANNING ORDERS SEASON 2008-09 Statistical Highlights Total...
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    Official Champions League 2010 thread

    That's enough of a break. ...WC qualifiers finished on Wednesday, Ronnie out the gap on Thursday, and provisional seedings on Friday. Champions Path Enter at the 1st Qualifying Round (4 teams) Mogren Budva, Sant Julià, Hibernians FC (Malta), Tre Fiori Enter at the 2nd Qualifying Round (34...
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    ***CL Predictions - Week 8***'s up for grabs now.. Tuesday 10th March 2009 Bayern Munich v Sporting (Bayern Munich leading 5 - 0 from the 1st Leg) Juve v Chelsea 19.45 (Chelsea leading 1 - 0 from the 1st Leg) Liverpool v Real Madrid 19.45 (Liverpool leading 1 - 0 from the 1st Leg) Panathinaikos v...
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    Rafa's squad development

    Just throwing up the squads from 2003-04 and the present for comparison.. 2003-04 Owen (24) Heskey (26) Kewell (25), Hamann (30), Gerrard (23), Diouf (23) Riise (23), Biscan (25), Hyypia (30), Carragher (26) Dudek (30) Bench: Kirkland (22), Cisse (22), Henchoz (29), Finnan (27), Baros...
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    Official Big Phil sacked thread!

    Dismissed with immediate effect. Pity he never got the England job.
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    The Official 2009 ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup Thread

    ..takes place in England in June. Just got my tickets for Ireland's two games at Trent Bridge Nottingham, vs Bangladesh and India. A couple of decent double headers, 35 quid for the day. Mon June 8th, Ireland v Bangladesh, followed by...
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    Champions League format The Premier League's big four have made such a habit out of challenging for Champions League glory that it is almost impossible to imagine one of them missing out on the tournament altogether. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool...
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    Which produces the better level of football, International or club?

    Which produces the better level of football, International or club? ..a debate that has often popped up on here. I have no doubt about it. Time for a poll.
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    It's the Chammers League semi-finals, ..predictions.

    Tues, 22nd April 'Shit on a Stick III' Liverpool (5/4) vs Chelsea (23/10) Draw (2/1) Wed, 3rd April Barcelona (6/4) vs Manchester United (15/8.) Draw (21/10) One Lock per gameweek. One Insurance per gameweek.** Odds generated form *** ..perhaps the insurance may not be...
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    Why did Arsenal fall short this season?

    I can't really pin it down to one particular reason myself, so I'll put it to the board. ...Poll to follow, multiple choice if you feel there was a combination of factors. Feel free to add your own. Inexperience: They were good enough, but hadn't enough experience of the business end of...
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    CL Quarter Final Predictions: 1st Leg

    Tues. Roma v Man Utd 19.45 Schalke 04 v Barcelona 19.45 Wed. Arsenal v Liverpool 19.45 Fenerbahce v Chelsea 19.45 terms and conditions apply and to be confirmed by dotty.
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    FA Cup 5th Round Draw

    Only 6 PL teams left in the last 16 of the cup, ..the Big 3 are joined by Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth. 8 teams from the Championship are still in it, and only one of those are in the top 8. ..Great chance for a small side to go a long way. United will surely get a soft draw against...
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    John Barnes - World class?

    well Lamps and Sound seem to think so.. ...won the PFA POTY award in 88, and also the FWA POTY in both 88 and 90, but what about his total contribution and standing in the world game, including World Cups 86 and 90, Euro 88, full domestic and European input? Poll to follow. Lets look at the...
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    Ronaldo's end product rattles a Bugatti Veyron

    sweet. Vv2dkd1ZiO0
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    United - Liverpool net spending in Modern Times

    Season 91-92 UNITED: Transfers In: 8/8/91 Paul Parker 2,000; 12/8/91 Peter Schmeichel 550. Total spent: 2,550 Transfers Out: 19/7/91 Les Sealey 0 8/8/91 Deniol Graham 50, 7/2/92 Jim Leighton 200. Total Received: 250 United net spent: 2,300 LIVERPOOL: Transfers In: 15/7/91 Mark Wright...
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    BBC Bunch of Losers of the Year 2007

    ...on the box now. Thrilling stuff.
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    Champions League Predictions: (Round 5)

    Early kick-off in Moscow *** ...using the odds from this site: Same as always. Call either a Home Win, Away Win or a Draw. *Remember there are now 2 locks on EACH night* Tuesday, 27 November 2007 Lyon v Barcelona, 19:45 VfB...
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    The Official Liverpool FC crimewatch thread

    5 times?! ...this is just a freak occurance, ..the statistics show etc... Fifth Liverpool player is burgled Dirk Kuyt was away playing for Holland when he was robbed Dirk Kuyt has become the fifth Liverpool footballer to be...
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    btw Nils Liedholm

    ..passed away without much comment in the last few weeks. of the absolute footballing greats.. An extraordinary player, ..who won 4 titles with Milan when they hadn't won a title for almost 50 years, who whilst unavailable for Sweden when they didn't pick professional footballers...
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    Premier League top 6 Predictions 2008

    Getting the top four right was too easy for me and sunbabes last season, ...there's too many for a poll. So here goes... 1. Chelsea 2. United 3. Liverpool 4. Spurs 5. Arsenal 6. Everton I think it will be tight, with only about 8 points separating the top three. Chelsea or United could go...