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    So I was looking up stuff today and came across a few interesting things I didn't know before. In 1841 everyone knows the population of Ireland was about just over 8 million. But I never knew that the population of England Scotland and Wales was only 18 million. And we were growing at a faster...
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    Cliché du jour

    Dog whistle. I had never heard this being used in its current context til about a month ago. Now every cunt around is throwing it about like they are some kind of genius. Boiling my piss and make no mistake. Rattled. My eyes. If I hear anyone else using it on here I'm taking it as a sign that...
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    jacob rees mogg. A man to get behind

    Heard about this lad over the weekend. Breath of fresh air. Opinions m8s?
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    Leo Varadkar

    Making Edna look like a heavyweight.
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    Richard Bruton. Penal laws nua

    Any threads on this one m8's? Seems like us Catholics are being blocked from schools of "minority" religions but cannot do the same to them. See you at the ballot box FG
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    Best small lad of the 80s

    Going to run a poll shortly. I'm a big fan of Martin Short. A criminally underated small man imho. Rick Moranis was also a good small geeky lad. If you would like to add to this let me know. Thanks.
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    "Arish rogby. 4 days in November"

    Documentary on this saturday evening m8s about how the goys overcame all odds and won a couple of friendlys. Lol. Dvd to follow. Superp.
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    Katie Hopkins on the late late

    So the left wing facist elite are trying to silence England's Rose now. Good luck with that. #teamKatie Looking forward to it immensely
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    The Dublin bus strike. And luas strike.

    Starting to get on my wick now. Not national news m8s. Not our fault if that kip repeatedly can't keep the show on the road. Thanks for listening.
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    Bob Geldof, jp morgan chase, Peter sutherland, hbb

    David Beckham, dodgy dave, ringstein, Angela Merkel, John Bruton, the ecb, the guardian. Can you hear me. Your boys took one he'll of a beating. One he'll of a beatING.
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    What Secondary did you go to

    The poll is here m8s
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    Raenua on lls

    Good god.
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    Who is the most intelligent poster on here?

    Haven't done this in a while. Especially since former topdog Liam left. Poll to follow following discussion process.
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    Edna Kenny, slurrpy, dr fishcounter, denis o brien

    Fat phil, leo and Simon, barrys tea, inm, sean kelly, county mayo. Can you Hear me....county mayo. Your boys took a hell of a beating. One hell of a beating.
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    Proc. EXIT poll.

    Did it before work. 1. McGrath. FF 2. Martin. FF 3. Finn. IND
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    Vote for Cork.

    I would just urge everyone to put Cork first tomorrow and Vote Fianna Fail. Our top top boys in Cork are FF men. If you want Cork to have a voice then do the right thing. We don't want some Mayo imbecile or Jackeen or Nordies running our county. Remember that. Thanks and God bless.
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    #GE16 Debate No 3. Miriam

    Lads, i'm putting this thread out there now as I'll be watching the soccer. Will probably catch up as the ad breaks kick in.
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    Leaders debate 2 with Claire Byrne

    Off we go
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    Neil Prenderville : The real star of #GE16

    No more to say.
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    Piers morgan

    Being a ledgeball on twitter tonight