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    Wuhan Wheeze

    M8. You spend your days watching youtube videos of crackpots and racists catstrophising about lab grown immigrants of fighting age putting 5g microchips in children something something something. G'way with your chastising other people for fear and paranoia.
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    Pres 3rd best school in the country

    Always found the Pres boys a lot more affable than their counterparts up on Sydney Hill, who in my experience have always tended to either be absolute wasters propped up by doddy or money grabbing sociopaths, but almost without exception a raging asshole.
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    Dogs v Cats

    Dog owner. Brought him from abroad when we moved back. It would've been cheaper to bring 2 children, but there was no way we were leaving him behind. He's 13 this year and is still full of beans, but his hips are starting to go. He has a few years left in him yet, but the inevitable is on the...
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    Ever Been Fired?

    Amazon call centre. Christmas contract in the 00s. Was given my marching orders before December rolled around, and was glad of it.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    Bubba Shakespeare. A prize prick. Pushing 40, it hasn't happened, pack it in. This interview in the Echo a few years ago boiled my piss no end. "I'm a sex addict. Pay for me to record an album."
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    The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

    Ate there once when we couldn't get a walk-in in Eco and had a similar experience. Tis a far cry from Bully's. Bramley Lodge, Carrigtwohill. We were passing yesterday and took a punt for a late lunch. Had low expectations given the location, but we were very pleasantly surprised. The lunch menu...
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    100%. She's been asked. On more than one occasion. I've asked to move office while tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. The situation isn't a secret to anyone, and to be fair, my direct manager is doing their best to get it sorted.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    For the best part of a year I've been sharing an office with a menopausal woman with stress issues, no indoor voice or filter, a propensity for oversharing, and who is absolutely incapable of reading the room. She's related to the boss also. The Bunk's gears have been ground to dull nubs.
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    Cork Pubs Irish pints review

    The algorithm as found him. He's the talk of a couple of whatsapp groups I'm in at the moment. His schtick, intentional or not, is brilliant. Give a Lloyd Grossman style description of the pub and neck a pint while starting down the camera.
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    Keep it going.....

    I dreamed of the Dead Kennedys last night and woke up on holiday in Cambodia.
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    The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

    If he can match his perfomance in Boys Don't Cry over an extended period, Utd will have a player.on their hands.
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    The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

    100%. During his run at CB with VVD a couple of seasons ago before the injuries he was immense. Great to see him getting over the hump and getting back to something close to that level. After all his injury set backs at a such a relatively young age you'd have been worried that he'd have ended...
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    What do you collect?

    John is one of the good guys, for sure. Such a nice vibe in the shop and a great cross section of customers. With Discogs it depends on what you're looking for, I suppose. If you want to feel poor have a look at people reselling new hip hop on vinyl. The short-run business model a lot of...
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    What do you collect?

    New vinyl and reissues are a rip off and Discogs has fucked the second hand market. Not much you can do about the cost of new records - record labels price gouging, quelle surprise - and unless you're going to go to the hassle of cross checking catalogue numbers while you're in the shop...
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    Unsolved mysteries of the proc

    The bang of incel off this place is overwhelming sometimes.
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    Immigration Thread

    Using forged documents to escape oppressive regimies is far from without historical precedent.
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    Sinead O Connor

    Sinead recorded a reggae album with Sly and Robbie in the 00s. I think she may have been a rasta at some stage too.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    Did something similar. Mrs Bunk was all the happier for it. Thankfully she didn't go buck-ape when given the opportunity to pick something out - more money for a nice wedding, said she, and nice wedding we had.
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    Immigration Thread

    Pipe down, Enoch.
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    Immigration Thread

    Look, Hank. If we're going down the road of snarky comments about posts that have nothing to do with what's being discussed, as it's a new year, I'll do you the solid of letting you pick your own clatter. 1) Emailing Man Utd's commercial partners to petition for, something? 2) Your Mason...