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    Yes to Liz Bonnin

    I would. Would you?
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    Greatest Rugby XV of the professional era?

    Good article on it on Planet-Rugby. Here's the article: *We got into an argument here at PR about this a while ago. Not much came of it, as there were things like Lions tours to concentrate on.* But with the Tri-Nations done and dusted and the November Tests and Heineken Cup still some time...
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    The student protests/riots in the UK

    I reckon they'll be about next december. I know a good few of people my age (29) who went to university in the UK and still have very significant student loans outstanding. I dread to think what it's like for this year's graduating class, with the highest student debts ever and no jobs. The...
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    Golden Circle

    I've just received an email regarding my Golden Circle membership. They're now offering free nights in hotels around the world to members. FFS. Mockery.
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    New Munster kit

    Is the one in a thread from a while back, which I couldn't be arsed finding. Officially announced today. Bit bland, IMO. Apparently the names of the counties of munster are printed around the bottom of the jersey From the looks of it there, the names are tucked inside the shorts, which...
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    The global economic crisis is ending

    There, I'm calling it. While smaller countries such as Ireland might still experience a bit more recession, I reckon the worse is over and we're well on our way towards a recovery. Usually my hunches on this are right, I've got a very strong feeling on this one and some excellent evidence...
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    Sky Digital: Reduce your bill by 100%

    Cancel your subscription and watch less crap on telly. Go do something else instead. Saves a fortune.
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    De Villiers to Munster

    Jean, not Peter, thank fuck. Goo signing, not so sure it's such good news for the development of Irish rugby. The Munster first choice backline is likely to have De Villiers, Mafi and Warwick, none of whom can play for Ireland. Munster supporters will be...
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    Stupid fucking headings on Open Office

    WTF is up with my goddamn headings? I'm using OpenOffice, however I fear I may have to finish off what I'm writing in Word. The behaviour of headings is massively inconsistent. I've set all the number on headings ot Outline and played around with the look of the outline numbering so that it...
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    Article titles that completely mislead

    Such as this one: The Title: Most pupils 'shunning school dinners' after Jamie Oliver campaign What's actually in the article: "But figures from the Government's...
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    Saudis overhead

    We have approximately 8 Saudi arabians living in the apartment over us. One guy, who seems very nice, 3-4 women and 3 children, one of which is a toddler. Originally, it was just the guy and his sister, however this whole posse of other people arrived 3 weeks ago and there's no sign that they're...
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    Smart electrical grids

    Any folks on here know much about them? i have a little project I need to do on them and I'm trying to find out what's the story on the use of them in the UK and Ireland. Is there legislation or are ESB planning to do anything with them? Probably not the right place for it, but what the hell.
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    SA in trouble over armband protest

    Good, what a bunch of twats. Lions 2009: IRB charge South Africa over armband protest South Africa have been charged with misconduct by the International Rugby Board for their protest against the suspension of Bakkies Botha. The Springboks sported white armbands with the message "Justice 4...
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    This Much I Know

    I've not seen this apparently regular series on the Guardian before, however AC Grayling's contribution today was, in my opinion, good enough to share: A human lifespan is less than a thousand months long. You need to make some time to think how to live it. The democracy of blogging and...
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    Itunes Genius

    First time I turned it on, I thought twas brilliant. Gave me a nice mix of the best songs from the Beatles, Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Bowie, Blondie and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which matched my mood nicely at the time. Lovely, thought I. However, it has since failed to recognise that there...
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    FAO iPhone 3GS owners

    Careful now. Make sure your phone doesn't get above 35C while switched on, as they suffer from overheating problems: Assumably, as the human body temperature is 37C, then carrying it somewhere in contact with your...
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    It neither bleeps nor squeaks, hence of little interest to the music forum. Look, PROC overlords, I tried, god bless me I tried so hard: So, anyone else from this here delightful little...
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    The Debenhams carry trade

    Howdy Folks, I'm heading back to the auld sod this weekend, however short term cash flow is somewhat sticky. Thus, I was thinking of some scheme/scamola to help ease the transition across the waters. I've noticed, from past experience that there's a massive difference in the price Debenhams...
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    Is Google down?

    It doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment? Could folks check it for me and post up if it's working? I think it might just be the UK Google.
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    Ways to make big bobs in this here recession

    I'm playing with a company idea in my head, however I've not quite got the knowledge of what's going on in the industry right now. Anyone here a sparky who has had any form of recent experience with the UK or US housing market? Ta. Oh right, I need to tie the title in with the thread. Er...