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    Paddy's Day Visit To US

    PBP gone full Hamas now apparently want eradication of the state of Israel
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    Arab/Israeli conflict between Syria, Palestine & Israel

    The autocratic rulers of Iran do not give a fuck about the Palestinians just another Proxy to get at Israel!
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    Sucking Diesel or Saving the planet.

    On a slightly different issue apparently mining bitcoin consumes as much electricity as a country the size of Belgium every year--we are truly fucked as a race!
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    Unsolved mysteries of the proc

    Nothing changes on the Proc
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    Immigration Thread

    THere is an election in the air and the far right are stirring the pot
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    Fasten your seatbelts
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    Vaccination Side Effects with poll (SECOND JAB)**

    Only a GP could decide on that, there may be secondary bacterial infections associated with the primary virus infection and antibiotics may be indicated in this case, however antibiotics are ineffective against viruses
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    Did you still have a set of wheels after stopping in Buttevant?
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    The langers forum always delivers
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    pj coogan show

    The evil empire expands again
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    Proc Twitter 2

    Just noticed that, I am a military history buff, WWI and WWII. If that is a genuine SS Himmler "honour" ring it is worth a lot of money. Many are repelled at making money from Nazi memorabilia but your granduncle fought against them so the provenance of the ring is good. Because of their value...
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    Guess the Christmas pubcrawl is a big no no now
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    Given up on the media, all doom an gloom, covid and climate change
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    Why do I always meet cyclists coming against me on one way streets?
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    Ringey's Writers Block

    Once great poster reduced to posting about farts :(
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    De Echo.

    No Echo in Cork City yesterday, failed to arrive from Dublin:confused:
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    The Real Taoiseach?

    Meehaul! surely got Enda by the Short and curlies :D
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    Stolen Cock

    Some miserable fucker stole my Cock:mad:
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    Internet Assassinations.

    I notice that there are a small number of posters who use forums like these advance their political agenda by destroying the reputations of people or politicians who hold opposing views from them from behind the anonyminity and safety of their computers.
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    Serial killer operating in Dublin and known as Chopper to his mates. 4 dead to date.