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    Corkbhoy V KD THE SHOWDOWN

    OK ye gowlbags, enough of the bollix acting Open vote, no restrictions, I have final say on ALL matters Keep it civilized, remember it's all about the bantz
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    Tpoty award

    I've managed to wake from Corkbhoy's coma inducing posting long enough to start this poll. Due to the usual clusterfuck that is the SFIOTY award I feel that the good citizens of Procland deserve their say. This year I will be including all the usual suspects, the SFIdiots of course and also...
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    Tedious Poster Of The Year 2014 Corkbhoy-asker of inane questions,head arselicker for Lamps and POL and runner of shambolic polls Or POL-gives a new meaning to the word repetition You must give valid reasons but I will probably ignore them I most likely will act and sound like a total...