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    satellite - Free to Air

    Whats the best out there at the mo ? Was thinking of getting a Philex but not sure if they are any good as Ive previously had a sky box ? Any recommendations welcome thx
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    Goldies Bar near Idle Hour

    Drove by there today and it looks like there is a new pub after opening ? Best of luck with the new bar lads.
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    Whats the going rate for tipping hotel managers you've just had your wedding at?
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    Eastern Promises 2

    Large influx of Russians around Cork lately,could do a sequel.
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    WARNING Strong Gale !

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    Matthew McConaughey on Norton

    Came across as a miserable git and a bit full of himself me thinks.
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    Cat Piss cleaners

    Anyone know any good ones? My Cat took a piss and cant get rid of the honk.
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    The Mad Dog Returns

    He's back,coining it near fitzgeralds electrical !
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    Who will be the next manager to be sacked ?

    Martin Jol, gone before Christmas.
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    Brittany Murphy's body to be exhumed. Murder investigation ?
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    You Tube

    is Down.
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    RIP Arthur's Day

    Game over..
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    DVD Converter software

    Any good free software out there for converting to dvd from avi/mp3 ? Id rather not have to go down the cracks route..
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    FAO Big in Ballyvolane

    Whats going on up there boss, all hell is breaking lose up there today ?
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    The Old Coca Cola Site

    Passed there today and there is a notice of some work going on there,anyone know what's happening with the place, are Coke coming back ?
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    Ryan Tubridy Anniversary

    5 years on the Late Late.
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    FAO Zap

    Wold War Z rips online Dawg. :cool:
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    The druken Bum thread

    They small guy in the air max trainers wasted around McDonalds /tesco.
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    Wanted Depeche Mode tickets

    2 seated or standing.
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    T2 Arcade game

    Anyone play this bad boy back in the day ? Finally got to see what was after the truck :D