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    2024 Junior A Football Championship

    Mid Cork will be closer than it has been, Aghinagh/Eire Og/Ballincollig/Inniscarra the forerunners. A lot depends on interest but Inniscarra are probably the strongest 'team' if they give it enough focus
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    Training Run Times

    no training plan, cant seen to find one that isnt paid
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    Training Run Times

    First run/walk done, 3K taste of blood in my mouth pretty sure my internal bleeding is my lungs dont now hoe you can describe running as fun!
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    Training Run Times

    im in for the dublin marathon lads, cant get out of my own way but sure we have to start somewhere, will do cork 1/2 to get training for it
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    2024 Premier Senior Football Championship

    Group 1: Nemo & Ballincollig Group 2: Castlehaven & Clonakilty Group 3: St Finbarrs & Valley Rovera Winners: St Finbarrs Relegation: St Michaels
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    The County Board Complaints Thread

    Interesting proposal to have Round 1 & 2 in the club championships as home & away fixtures with round 3 as neutral.
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    Cork Footballers

    Luke Murphy from Cullen is in with the panel. I would expect the team announced for the weekend to be an experimental one
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    GAAGO - Rebel Strike (again)

    I mean, they could ya know, go to the match??
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    2023 Premier Intermediate football

    It was fine last year when they doubled up the Munster finals with Fossa/Rathmore. The circus following the Clifford’s brought a monsterous crowd so that wasn’t an issue for Mallow either
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    The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20

    Pa Campbell back in training so would be nice to see him involved in Cork
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    Cork Club Championships

    Thursday? Convention usually on a Sunday isn’t it? Why has it changed
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    Junior A Football 2023

    Carbery, Avondhu & Muskerry will still have decent championships but lacking the big quality alright.
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    2023 Premier Intermediate football

    A double header for Cill Na Martra & Kilmurry in Mallow would have been ideal
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    Cork Club Championships i would assert that the county senior championship would be to the forefront of the CCB & GAA HQ's thinking rather than the 7th grade
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    Cork Club Championships

    The Rules advisory board say that divisional/colleges comp doesn’t matter. Every year on Jan 1 there are 22 teams with a chance of winning the champ and the max is 16
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    Cork Club Championships

    Hard to see what the CCB will do? Forget about divisions & colleges? Relegate clubs? I think running the divisions comp with the colleges at the start of the year but allowing all players to represent division as a way of county ‘trial’ along with the colleges preparing for Sigerson would be...
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    Cork Club Championships

    The interesting one on this is the rules advisory board putting pressure on cork to sort out their senior championship. They maintain there are 22 teams on it and the max allowed is 16. Cork got an extension to ‘23 and the CCB feel that the current setup is 12+1. If the rules advisory board...
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    Cork Club Championships

    They didn’t rename lower intermediate though. They promoted a load of junior teams and took the worst of intermediate A to make 12
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    Cork Club Championships

    i think its not fair to judge the new structures based on munster club championships. Given the discrepancies between counties effective structures might not necessilary ring through. From a club/player standpoint i think the structures are very enjoyable and a lot of even matches in the grades...
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    2023 Premier Intermediate football