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    Poster's Origins...what's the drama?

    So I have I's getting on my nerves. Where is it enshrined in stone that the only poster's opinions that matter, were pushed out in St Finnbarr's, The Bons or The Erinville? (Safe to say we have no CUMH posters yet!) Seriously like?
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    Check your mirrors!!!

    Right so I didn't want to post in the other thread as someone died and I didn't want to be pulling it off topic. The majority of accidents I have seen involving a motorbike have been the result of drivers not checking their mirrors and/or not paying attention to the road. I met a Guard once...
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    Arctic Cruise

    Has anyone done one of these? Did ye just fly over for the cruise or did ye go someplace else before/after? Have a serious itch to go somewhere off my bucket list!!
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    Tahiti and Bora Bora

    Anyone been? Everywhere says Bora Bora is prohibitively expensive but it looks stunning in pics.
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    Tapatalk help??

    Arrrgh I keep getting push notifications everytime Wallace posts in the "did anyone score a ride at a proc up" thread. I've turned off the push notifications on the app (it's not under my settings on the phone) and even deleted my search history but nothing works. Seriously head wrecking!!
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    Fao Eala..

    Clear out your inbox..
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    Old wives tales..

    Can you really get a kidney infection from sitting on a cold wall? Tea bags will cure a sty? Going out with wet hair will give you a cold? Are any of them actually true? Can Ye remember anymore?
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    FAO Grammar nazi

    Can someone tell me the difference between "burned" and "burnt". Would it be right to say "I burned my hand, my hand is burnt"
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    New iPad

    Just bought a new iPad today, can I download books from Amazon like you can for a kindle?
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    Nestlé Boycott

    Right so leading on from the Expresso thread and Rutty's comment about having an issue with Nestlé, I had a google about this. I'm a little bit embarrassed about my ignorance in the first place of this issue. What they are doing regarding the baby formula in developing countries is absolutely...
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    Decorating query

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much carpets cost? Am I looking at 100's or what?
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    Just saw this name in the echo, I've never seen it before and google isn't helping. What does it mean? Boy or Girl name? Is it pronounced Show-see? Like Josie?
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    Recipe help??

    During the summer I was in Albert Dock in Liverpool and went for dinner in a really nice restaurant, for one of the starters they had baby button mushrooms in cheddar cheese. The cheese was SAVAGE it was runny but still identifable as cheddar cheese and not a cheese sauce. I've looked everywhere...
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    Sore knee..any suggestions?

    Yeah yeah yeah cut it off..but seriously my knee is flogging killing's to the right of the kneecap and behind it. Anyone know any exercises or stretches that might help? I've never had any type of knee injury so havent a clue! I've been doing one-leg squats but it's seriously sore.
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    Hardwood, Popes Quay

    Is it gone?
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    What's the story with it?
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    Anyone ever hear a story...

    Of a girl murdered in forge hill years ago? I was told a story by my mam when I was small and everyone is trying to convince me it's a "stranger danger" story, help me out..
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    What's the word...

    For a word that when you put it in google nothing comes up? Foggy had a thread on it a few weeks ago but cant go searching on the phone
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    Plenty of Proccers

    Leading on from the other thread, welcome to plenty of proccers... Your one stop Proc-dating thread :-) So tell us a bit about yourself, what your ideal date would be etc Enjoy..
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    Will someone please explain...

    The difference between effect and affect please??