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    Donald Trump Jr.

    Seems like a nice fella.
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    Blood Falls: portal to a subglacial world Antarctica's Dry...
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    The Infiltrators [Walt & Nidge]

    Last month it was announced that Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is set to appear in a new Hollywood film, The Infiltrator, with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. Today tweeted a first look at the Irish actor in action - he’s the one on the right. The big-budget movie is the story of US Customs...
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    Spectacular eruption of Calbuco volcano, Chile

    pAl2j2UznAc It looks like something from an apocalypse movie. Yesterday a volcano that had been inactive for 50 years suddenly erupted, sending huge ash clouds into the air and forcing a large-scale evacuation. The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile then reputed again several hours later in...
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    Drone footage: North Cork mountains on fire

    A fire in the Kilworth Mountain Range has been captured in a video which shows devastating destruction. Michael, who took the video using a drone, said he had seen the fire from outside Mallow. Smoke was seen rising from the mountains which saw the mountain side come alive with the fire...
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    The “Haboob”

    TC_sV-7-msI It was 5 pm and the sun was still out when a crazy dust storm swept through the city of Soligorsk in Belarus and turned day into night within a matter of minutes. And pretty much everyone was like, “hey, who turned out the lights?” According to Time, the intense red dust storm...
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    VID: Woman washed into 'wormhole' on Aran Islands

    oqOrqYBsZiQ A young couple are being hailed as heroes after saving the life of a student who was swept off a cliff face by a giant wave. The terrifying accident...
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    Bus Strikes coming

    Severe transport disruption likely as bus drivers vote to strike
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    Cookie monster vs Power Rangers.

    Don't fuck with the monster!
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    Slide the city!

    Where in Cork would you like this setup?
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    Terry Pratchett Dies.
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    Maggie turned blind eye on child abuse

    Turns out she was a bigger monster than most right minded people even thought. Westminster Paedophile Ring Claims Allege Margaret Thatcher Knew Of Cyril Smith Abuse Accusations The Cabinet Office has denied attempting to cover up information about Whitehall's knowledge of Cyril Smith's...
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    Harrison Ford seriously hurt in small plane crash. Actor Harrison Ford was seriously injured Thursday when a vintage World War II training plane he was piloting crash landed on a Mar Vista, California, golf course. The actor was stabilized and taken to a hospital...
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    The golden commute.

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    Best prank videos

    yup, some mental ones about these days
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    What colour is this dress??

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    Thousands join burial of slain Muslim students in US

    Great show of solidarity. VIDEO Thousands of people have joined the funeral services for three young Muslim students gunned down in the US state of North Carolina, in what family members said...
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    Taoiseach's department spends almost €100k on photos HE HAPPILY poses for selfies with the public and famously photo-bombed fans at Croke Park, but Taoiseach Enda Kenny's department also spent almost €100,000 on official...
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    The year of Big Hats,Courage, Cronyism & public protest

    The year of Big Hats,Courage, Cronyism & public protest The year of big hats, courage, cronyism and public protest 2014 was a year of farce and serious conflict, writes Gene Kerrigan. And finally the public's patience snapped. Gene Kerrigan...