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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    THey can fuck right off with this
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    Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

    This Derek Blighe (what a lovely Irish surname he has!) person - never had heard of him before. I was lucky. Absolute pity. How exhausting it must be to be constantly on - feeling threatened all the time, believing and propagating hate and nonsense. God help us all if this type of character...
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    Cork Footballers

    Lads is this on any radio station?
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    The Hurling Thread

    any link to watch it
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    The Official 2022 Idiot Of The Year Poll

    Matlock all the way. Best Proccer ever.
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    Home insurance

    Looks like no one will offer cover for subsidence except for Liberty and they are royally screwing everyone now it seems.
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Ya - respect for that. Agreed when he talks hurling he is OK - but the banter is painful. He needs to rein it in.
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Landers is painful. He's like the friend of a friend who's dragged out on a night out. You soon discover how annoying he is and it only gets worse. That loud laugh and always trying to crack some stupid joke. When he does talk hurling, he is not too bad, but his big personality drowns all that...
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    Cork Footballers

    Anyone with a link to watch it?
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Thanks! Passed on to father he ws anxious
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Is the Cork Tipp match on RTE - says Clare Waterford?
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Ya - if possible - can't be arsed paying for GAA Go when you cannot stream it to big TV
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Besides GAA GO will there be any stream of the match available today?
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    Home insurance

    Just got renewal quote and it is €850 from Liberty - subsidence area like all of Cork - but this is crazy. Any tips on better providers?
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    kids and social distancing

    I've two kids. I want to let them out and play with their friends, but they come back and are worried that none of their friends are social distancing. Should kids be social distancing or is it OK and should we just drive on? If they cannot go back to school because schools are not ready for...
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    GAA Go

    Is it worth it? Can you mirror to a TV? Will miss semi and want/need to see it. Help a Cork guy, please?
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    Would you buy this?
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    4g in Cork

    Is there anywhere in Cork that 4g works for Three? Told it has been rolled out - but think that is bullshit.
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    legal question

    If a company agrees a price for a one year duration with you - can they then come back and tell you actually it is not that price and increase it? Do you have to honour the new price if it has been a mistake on their part?
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    London Proccers

    Ok - will be in London for two days - what is best deal for getting around? Can I get a 2 day travel pass that will get me to and from Heathrow? Thanks in advance.