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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Blackrock hopefully just about, think their experience and their forwards coming into form could win it. Expecting extremely physical game Sunday and the ref will let it flow which will suit them. Rockies by 4/5
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Just showing how far they've come in a short space of time. That setup two years ago was befitting of junior b, now they're a well drilled unit with a good mix who won't fear anyone. Any of the teams left could win it with a bit of luck, most open championship in recent memory.
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Very open championship. Could argue barrs slight favourites, they have something about them and Cunningham has them well drilled , a far cry from the circus under Aidan Fitzpatrick and his stooges a couple years back.
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Management have a lot to answer for, Mark Coleman was an all star 5 years ago wing back, he didn't puck a ball yesterday or the league final and I wont be surprised if he's at 6 for the Clare match. Also I just think cork are short a few and lack leaders, with harnedy out yesterday that half...