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    Motorway Crashes

    Another tragic crash on the M6 yesterday evening where a car was driving down the wrong side of the motorway. This has been happening a lot lately. I don't have a solution but surely something could be done to prevent this happening so often.
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    Extra Bank Holidays

    What say we on the upcoming bill on extra bank holidays? I suppose it'll be good for some workers but not for some employers. All in all it's a good idea.
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    Davys Toughest Team

    Saw bits and pieces of this tonight. Looks to be a good show. Davys might not be everyones cup of tea but he seems a decent man. Be interesting to see how these young men turn out.
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    Fungi has had enough

    Missing for a couple of days. And hes not gone visiting. Could ya blame him?
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    Unquiet Graves

    This surely derserves a thread of its own. I didn't get to see it all but by God it was a tough watch. No wonder so many became hardline republicans. And our government stood idly by. They should hang their heads in shame.
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    John Hume - RIP

    A great statesman. Rest in Peace.
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    Garda shot dead

    RIP to the Guard shot dead in Castlerea overnight. Awful incident.
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    Bullying and intimidation in Fine Gael

    Shamwful stuff from the blueshirts. An elected councillor being bullied and intimidated by Fg members so much so that he resigned from the party. Now he is to sue the party for PTSD. The Dinnybots on here weren't slow in shouting from the pulpit when the same happened in SF. Pity you Leotards...
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    Martin McGuinness

    Hard to believe he's dead two years today. He might not have been everybody's cup of tea but he certainly made great sacrifices in his latter years in the name of peace. His ultimate aim was a 32 county Ireland and that's only a matter of time. To borrow a phrase 'He did the country some...
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    Murder in Belfast

    No comment from the usual few regarding the murder in Belfast today? Is is because the Loyalist Paramilitaries are thought to be involved? Is it only a heinous crime when there is Republican involvement? Well Mad Duffs? Well Gusty? Well Sammy? All your true colours are showing now.
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    Have a very Derry Christmas - or not

    I see where Mad Duffs, Gusty and their like minded politicians in Derry have forced the council to remove a sign with 'Have a very Derry Christmas' in both the Bogside and the Waterside. What hope have we?
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    I hope you are proud of yourself Leo.
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    SF - Only a matter of time

    Looks like it's only a matter of time before SF are part of a coalition government. Like the recent referenda its looks like Ireland is willing to move on from it's past. Unfortunately we'll have dinosaurs who would prefer to live in the past. It's great to be living in this new modern Ireland.
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    Smoking in outdoor resturant area's

    I see where Simon Harris is giving consideration to banning smoking in outdoor eating area's. What a load of shite. How does smoking in an outdoor area really affect non-smokers? High time this government got their priorities in order. He should concentrate his efforts on dealing with the...
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    Good Friday Agreement - 20 years on

    What an achievement by all sides. Bertie, Bill Clinton, George Mitchell, the other side and a special mention to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. Well done all.
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    Metro Hotel Ballymun

    Just saw footage of what looks like a major fire in Metro Hotel in Ballymun. Not confirmed.
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    Clean up in Aisle 3 please Go on admit it Duffs- you nearly wet yourself when you saw the heading.
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    Guess who? TG has surfaced
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    GAA Rules Query

    Is there any rule in the GAA that prohibits a player from playing a game with a cast on their arm?
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    DUP Donation What do Arlene's Angels on the PROC think of this? Come forward Mad Duffs.