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    Jokes thread......

    God gave man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to work one at a time
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    When some teenager offers you their seat on the bus :(
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    Telephone Boxes...

    Remember when if you saw a woman in the phone box, you walked away and looked for another one
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    Lots of people are getting in touch...:sleep:
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    Who owns this company and is it subsidized? I believe if they don't get a certain uptake, the company will be compensated a bit like the road tolling contracts
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    Referendum on Family & Care

    Curley Larry and Mo
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    Little things that are immensely satisfying

    Or a rummage around the testicles and then smell the fingers....aaah yes
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    Jokes thread......

    We went to a marriage guidance councillor. After an hour, she said, 'Have you two anything at all in common?' 'Yes' I said, 'Neither of us suck cocks'
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    Holly Cairns Appreciation Thread

    In west Cork you contact the Gawrda not the |Gaaaaards
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    Girl in Lidl put my Guinness cans through as a separate transaction 'You can bring these back to the machine' I will in my hole
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    I think you will find the greens anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise, pro public transport , pro government diktat about how individuals should live their lives rather than allowing individual freedom not to speak of supporting the liberal agenda. How is that not left wing policies?
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    Proc Twitter 2

    There was some virus stuck in the mucus of your nose which is the first line of defence in our million year evolved amazing natural immunity system
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    They are the most successful left wing party in Ireland when you look at the number of their policies that have been implemented including the current referendums by the way
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    De Tunnel

    Seems to me GM does not know if a road is a boreen or a major road and will send you down boreens sometimes
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    Why no reporter allowed into Country clean say and be shown the recycle rubbish being segregated for recycling and the green waste being processed? Trackers were put into recycling waste in Dublin and all without fail ended up on a lorry heading to the incinerator
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    If you were Taylor Swift's housemate.....

    I'd be caught rummaging through the laundry basket
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    Pubs reopening June 29th

    Why don't we have Uber operating in Ireland?
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    Recycle / Re-Turn

    Every little helps.....Tesco profits
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    Michelle O'Neill Appreciation Thread.

    Blond hair colour and animal print fur coat...bit common for me