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    Have ye seen this mob on Youtube and that? Great aul laugh in fairness.
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    Uber / Lyft / Hailo

    So which of these is the most popular in Ireland now? Haven't been back to Ireland in two years so might give them a try at Christmas when I get back. Any experiences?
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    Best Off Licences for Craft Beer?

    So where's the best off licences in the city or the surrounding areas for some good craft beers? Not just the Irish stuff but the Chimays, the Leffes, Duval etc. Cheers
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    Men with ponytails..

    What the fuck are men still doing with ponytails in 2010? Actually, come to think of it what were men doing with ponytails in 2000? I don't actually think I've ever met an interesting guy who had a ponytail. Either completely and utterly boring, or just annoying prick who still lives with their...
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    Cultural giraffes in Cork

    Drinking cocktails and the whole lot I hear. Swanky.
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    All Those People With Huge Negative Equity..

    I don't live in Ireland any more but I have been following events back home. One thing which strikes me as an unbelievable problem (in between all the other problems at the moment) is huge housing negative equity. I know of loads of people who bought houses for 350k+ and from reading the news...
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    Ukraine's Got Talent

    Some serious skills. Seriously hot too. ;-)
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    Gave some college boy a BLT last night

    Didn't like it so I gave it away. Was watching some fight across the road at the time..
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    That Claire.H wan

    Any sign of her lately? Or is she on the run from the cops after getting her boyfriend to walk into a raging fire?
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    PROC Hookers

    Do they do call outs?!
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    Do you dress your parents?

    They might need a hand like.
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    Ulster Bank to cut 750 jobs

    Fawk. The Ulster Bank Group has confirmed plans to shed around 750 jobs as part of a major restructuring programme. The Group says it plans to merge First Active and Ulster Bank under one brand in an effort to cut costs. Forty-five First Active...
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    Travel Insurance Company won't put out - oh the pain

    You'd at least think they'd give an aul kiss.
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    The "I wish ta FAWK there was a boing" thread

    In fairness, we need one.
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    Sexist shop assistants in Cork

    With their male bashing jokes. Mockery Etc.
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    Ladies Have You Ever Had Rabies

    Any foaming of the mouth etc? :p
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    Anyone been to South America?

    Right, I'll be swanning off to South America in in the Summer for 2 months. Anyone have any experiences? I'm planning on doing Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia at the moment. Any top tips for me? Thanks.
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    Lab Technician in West Cork

    Right, my employers need another Lab Technician for a materials testing lab in West Cork. Excellent working conditions and good pay. PM for further details. Thanks
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    Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking?

    Have to give up these aul cancer sticks lads. Tried the patches, Allen Carrs book, bitta willpower etc. but still on them. Went off them for weeks at a time but back on the fecking things again. Anyone gone to a hypnotist before? Any recommendations? No cowboys please that'll have me dancing...
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    Lisa Lashes there la ----------------->

    She's back it would seem. Not a bad looking doll alright. Mutton dressed as lamb, I suspect however.