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    Stein, Shankly & Busby

    Nice series from the Grauniad
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    The Cribs

    Any fans? Definite evidence of Marr making an impact on the few tracks I've heard. Cheat On Me's a belter of a tune. Wasn't too happy about him joining up, thought they'd ruin what they had but looks like he's added quite a bit. SkJDKdOlUGQ
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    Who would you prefer at right back?

    Wes Brown or Glenn Johnson? Just interested. I think I've lost my ability to recognise player talent if I'm wrong on this one.
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    CM10 - Pay what you want
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    Ian Brown

    Wsct546pCBE Looking forward to the new album, his best song in a while imo.
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    New Getafe Kit
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    Indiependence - Camping

    INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival Gets Camping Green Light Its been a while coming to fruition but the INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival has finally been given the green light for an official festival campsite at O'Connell Park, Mitchelstown. This means that festival goers heading along to...
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    Guardiola's Motivational Video

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    Bobby Williamson and Uganda
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    Munster - all wumming aside

    but it's a Limerick team really isn't it. Let's be honest. I don't remember one person in school following them, or even being into rugby to be honest and I've no doubt there were and are schools that were solely into rugby but weren't Cork Con always the team to support. So what happened?
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    Sports Forum Synopsis

    For those of us who have only flitted in and out of here the past few months, could someone put together a brief synopsis of what's gone on. Lamps preferably.
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    I have a few items I need to frame, namely a signed jersey and also a painting. Anyone know a decent place where I could get these done? I also need to frame a guy for something I did not so long ago. Can't go into too much detail but any tips would be welcome.
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    Congratulations Aphex

    Met him in town today with a female who he introduced as 'the girlfriend'. Glad to see he's finally found happiness and all that sunbabe rubbish can be put to rest. I know he still has feelings for her but you can only try so much without a bit of encouragement. All the best Aphex.
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    Troble spelling

    I have been having troble speelung.
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    Boy High after Dentist :silly:
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    Schuster Gone

    Apparantly Ramos is to take over.
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    Football & Finances

    Very interesting article from the Independent Interesting read. The turnover versus wages percentage mentioned is, overall, sufficient to run a successful business. It...
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    Ireland v Poland

    It's Winner-Take-All Wednesday. Anyone watching? Ireland 1 down at the moment but playing well & creating chances.
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    Ireland's Call

    Now the likes of Gibson & McCourt are making the Irish squad, is it time to introduce this? And what about the Scottish born boys, McGeady & McCarthy when he's eventually called up, should we try and find some song that ourselves, the nordies and the scotch enjoy?