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    Welcome to Togher

    You can only imagine my shock when driving through Wilton and coming across a sign stating "Welcome to Togher.' Southside watch out! Togher is now like a virus, its spreading thick and fast.....
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    Cork South Central 2016

    The group of death mwhahahaha
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    Virgin media are cutting me off!

    Got a letter this morning off these shower informing me that my TV service with them will be shut down in April because my address has no direct access to their cable network! I've been with upc/chorus/multi channel for years and all was grand till Mr Bransons crowd came along. Anyone else get a...
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    Civil Funerals

    Anyone ever been to one? They seem to be getting popular these days. None of your church silliness involved!
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    Forget not the Boys of Kilmichael......

    Who made shit of the black & tans 95 years ago today. Regardless what side you come from, it can't be denied that this was a pivitol turning point in the War of Independence. Fire fought with fire.
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    An RTE curse??

    Anyone else notice the high death rate among RTE peeps recently? Derek Davis, Bill Herilhey, Paulo Tullio etc etc. I hope poor Michael Lyster doesn't follow them, I wouldn't be able to cope if Pat Spillane took over the Sunday Game!
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    NCT online booking

    Last year when I did it, I didn't have to pay online I just booked online and then paid at the centre when I went there, but this year the bastards are looking for money off me for booking online. what's the story here eh?
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    The singing balaclava plunger head person

    Outside Murray's gun shop on Patrick Street the past few days, who is he/she/it?? Another Cork 'character' to add to the long list of 'characters' we already have!!???
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    Weirdo sellling holy cards at petrol station

    my elderly auld father was at his local petrol station this evening and as he busy putting petrol in his car this weirdo came right up to him with a bunch of holy type cards and asked him for a donation for one. my father gave him a euro and told him to fuck off. anyone else come across this...
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    Sinn Fein and the Suspicious Scandals

    I've noticed a trend with the 'Sinn Fein scandals'. When either they are doing well in the polls or when there is an election afoot, there seems to be a scandal rise from the past to blight the party and it's leadership. The local elections saw Gerry Adams banged up in a PSNI station for a few...
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    The 'New' Kilmichael Ambush Site

    Anyone see the new landscaping work that was done on Kilmichael? Just saw some pics on the twitter machine and by jesus the place looks unrecognisable! It certainly needed a clean up, but fuckin' hell they went a bit over board with it! Fuckin' picnic tables there now and all! :crazyeye:
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    Cheapest Place to buy Roy's Book?

    I'm thinking I want to get myself some light reading material for the weekend, but at a cheap price due to tight funds, so where can I get 'The Second Half' on the cheap?
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    Guinness Amplify Gigs

    Is it worth my time going to any of these mock Arthur's Day shows around Cork?
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    Luke Skywalker on his Hols in Kerry

    Anyone spot him up at Cork airport today?? Fuck Kerry and their Skellig islands, we have an airport!
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    Cork v Waterford match on internet

    Don't fuck me off to the sports forum I just have two simple questions to ask. 1: Do you have to pay the RTE cunts to watch it online? 2: What pubs are showing it?
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    Purple Statue in Youghal

    Just heard about it on the radio, some nutjob painted a statue of a 1798 martyr in purple! complete with a road cone on the statue's head! lets hope this isn't the start of an epidemic sweeping across east Cork!
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    Getting a dog from the CSPCA

    Im thinking of rescuing a mutt from death row but what's the procedure like regarding the CSPCA crowd down in Mahon? Is there a charge and is there like a back round check on the person wanting to re-home a dumped dog?
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    The Bold Thady Quill

    So was he a real person or what??
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    on that sci-fi channel now. christ its woeful stuff but i cant stop watching it!
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    Hipster Pubs in Cork

    I don't want to cause panic among the general population but I have noticed an increase in 'Hipster' like pubs around the city, places such as the Vicarstown & the Mutton lane for example. Fine pubs but a creeping Hipster presence is tending to put me off.....