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    Serious shooting in Dublin..

    Bit of an own goal by the state here.....besides the fact that Dowdall was never reliable, I can't imagine that Hutch would ever have put himself at the scene with a gun - not at this stage of his life and 'career' anyway. The judges pointed out a fairly obvious fact that nobody looked like a...
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    The official harsh sentence thread......

    Mad stuff - could literally happen to anybody.....surely this will get appealed Woman prosecuted for child porn she innocently received on...
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    Public servants to pursue 30-hour working week

    From todays IT: You couldn't make it up.....
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    Pre drinking munch

    Where's good in town for a bit of a munch, pre pints tonight. Nothing fancy, but just not a chipper etc.
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    Toilet roll, tissues and animals

    Whats the connection here - kittensoft, andrex, cushelle, charmin - the list is practically endless. despite what the ads will have you believe, I have yet to see a Labrador, kitten or a bear using toilet tissue. discuss....
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    FAO those who drink & drive

    Have a read of this before you consider doing it again - harrowing stuff:
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    Gardai shut down stall giving food to homeless

    Its only Dublin I know ;) but its quite literally unbelievable: Also: My suspicion is that the businesses on Grafton street didn't like the fact that homeless people congregated in the evenings...
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    .......or cycled ahead clearing the way, wailing like a police siren. People wonder why hurling has collapsed in Cork - all these small things add up
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    pikey self pwn

    Its their culture! Im trying to figure this one out - is it some kind of double negative .....does the fact that it is both of their cultures, mean that its actually neither of their cultures? Good luck getting costs out of these lads - shur they're probably out of work since the accident...
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    Saw some lad getting creased off his bike yesterday evening - about 5 foot in front of me - completely his fault, but he somehow wasn't hurt Horsing it along the footpath, headphones on so cant hear, car pulls out of 'blind' laneway between buildings just as he is crossing, and nails him -...
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    Prime time about to do a cyclists vs motorists special next - shit has gotten real
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    Ouchie! It looks to me like he tried to brake, but the road was slippy/wet I cant imagine that he was trying to break those lights, especially since the traffic was moving before he got there.
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    Good spot for brunch in town

    Have the rare luxury of going for brunch today, but haven't a clue where is good in town. Any recommendations - I'd usually wander to market lane or Nash 19 by default
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    Irish times - subscription only as of this week

    So Im busy trying to avoid doing work this morning, having an aul gander through the IT website when I get this message: FFS! I understand why they are doing it, but its still annoying. They launched something similar a few years back, but stopped it in lieu of placing more ads on the...
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    racist Chelsea fans......oh the ironing!

    RTE website -
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    Alert: Our bodies can't process microwaved food.....

    On the back of a thread on here a few weeks back, I've started buying local/Irish made honey - besides the smug feeling you get from buying local, it tastes damn good too. I was in the 'health food' shop today, and in the process of purchasing this pot of gold (8 euro a jar) from the blanket...
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    Karma is a bitch.....

    Well.......only sometimes. Good ridence. A fitting end to this scrotes life Feel sorry for the man driving the other car though - hopefully he didn't damage the front bumper too much...
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    Oh the irony....

    From todays irish times: Dunnes Stores monitored staff suspected of stealing goujons Dunnes Stores used CCTV cameras to monitor workers who were suspected of eating chips...
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    Gardai up to old tricks.......

    From Irish times This must be the third case like this in as many years that I have heard of guards using the 'had a drink after the accident' or 'bottle in the glove...