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    Parent of the year 2011
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    A question Proccers

    Can a company withhold a P45 under any circumstances?
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    Did anyone else laugh? I lol'd. out loud.
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    Twit twit twit

    So, I jumped on the Tweeting bandwagon. Is there any funny feeds out there or is all silliness?
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    I'm just back from a walk around town and a someone has climbed the Xmas tree outside Brown Thomas and is preaching. Another is standing below shouting too. So, are they crazy or do they have a genuine concern for people's souls? What do you think PROC?
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    Any point to this site beside trolling?
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    Who does a good take away lunch in town?

    Getting hungry, want to wander out, any quick recommendations?
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    What movie makes you weep like a little child?

    I'll start, I have to watch the last 45 mins of E.T through my tears.
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    Lulz SFW
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    To lower the tone

    Here is some interesting stories I know you will all appreciate
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    I just lost the game.
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    Laser eye surgery

    Has anyone had this done in Cork? Would love to hear how it worked out and where you had it done?
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    First time I've logged in for months, it took me three goes to remember my password. I notice the What are you listening to thread is still going -yay And I had this private message - go on bobwilla go on bobwilla is offline Junior Member Join Date: Oct 2004 Posts: 12 Default what...
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    Apparently i can't get broadband

    Just moved to a new apartment and apparently i can't get broadband coverage. Just to clarify, if i step out my front door and walk for 5 seconds, i'm on the south mall. Im assuming, for whatever reason, i'm being lied to. Does anyone know any companies that provide coverage in the city centre...
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    Simpsonize Me

    Simpsonize yourself. Its fun
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    This could be the start of a career

    I got a job in a bank today. Now i have to grow up and buy some suits. I never pictured me with a 'proper' job. I work for money, the job itself is just incidental. Im glad i didn't have those dreads put in now.
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    I know i look younger than i am but...

    I don't think i look under 18. I've been asked for ID the last 5 times i've bought cigs. Im in my mid 20s for frack sake. I was getting a bus ticket last week and the driver looked at me and said 'Under 16 is it'. I said yes. Is that a form of stealing?
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    Did Naff ever come back after he was unbanned or is he still in silent protest?
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    In the spirit of the coming valentines day

    I have a question for all of you. Do you believe that there is one person out there for you and you will know it when you meet them? I never believed in any of that until i met my b/f a few months back. I knew from the first day i met him, it was right and he is, dare i say, the one. Sounds...