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  1. MrMr

    The Official Arsenal Thread - Part 2

    We really need to get a striker in. I have never been the biggest Arteta fan from day one, but unfortunately that's just the way it goes. He seems to lacking common sense or something. Constantly giving Eddie runs in games, just doesn't make sense. The lad is Championship level at best...
  2. MrMr

    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    MacCurtain Street now a two way system, christ almighty.
  3. MrMr

    Marina Market to go BANG?

    I went into the Marina Market for the first time the other day, grand spot, it was very busy down there. As a family, we all bought from different places for lunch, just to try as many out. It was an enjoyable few hours out & about. Parking wise, it was exceptional, plenty available. It did...
  4. MrMr

    Cork or Galway?!

    Flying it here lad. Married nearly 10 years now, 3 kids. Not what I ever thought I'd see in the 20's. The Golf was diesel alright, I have a different one now 😅 I sound more like a culchie nowadays, that's the only difference I think, other than being a bit more sensible.
  5. MrMr

    Cork or Galway?!

    and I'm still here. It's surreal to think that back in 2007 I had to even question about moving here. One of the greatest decisions I've ever made, although as a 20 something year old at the time it was somewhat a hard decision.
  6. MrMr

    Fred - Call It A Day

    Great band, I still play their CD, Go God Go in the car. My kids favourite song is 'Damn you Hollywood!'.
  7. MrMr


    Fuck, is it 30 years? Getting. Old.
  8. MrMr

    So, how are we all now?

    Cheers, lad. I don't think I'll be posting often, I'll pop in from time to time. My previous posts are nothing to be bereft of. I hope you are doing ok & that you push onwards & upwards. Life for me, from that lad I was near on 20 years ago joining this page, it is completely different to...
  9. MrMr

    Al Porter appreciation thread .

    I could have sworn I saw this lad in Limerick earlier today, I could be wrong.
  10. MrMr

    Cork sayings

    It was like throwing a sausage up Patrick's Street.
  11. MrMr

    So, how are we all now?

    In all seriousness, how the hell is everyone? We had some good times back in our youth on here, 2004 onwards, there was many a good time. Between savage banter, PRoC Ups, general getting to know folk, and acquainting friends, it was all good. How has life treated you all throughout the years...
  12. MrMr

    Would marry in a heartbeat

    When you know, you know.
  13. MrMr


    Nice rattlement.
  14. MrMr

    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    The Ardmanning.
  15. MrMr

    Toilet Signage

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the gay bar that was on Douglas Street (can't remember the name), did they not have three toilets titled, His, Hers & Theirs? I'm going back 20 years, they were ahead of the times.
  16. MrMr

    The King's Coronation

    God save him. A good man, a man of the people.
  17. MrMr

    late late now

    Blindboy Boatclub would be the man to go on & present it. He wouldn't be afraid to ask any questions. It will realistically be the likes of Brendan O'Connor or Ray D'Arcy if they go the male route.
  18. MrMr

    late late now

    Is Lottie Ryan in for a shout?
  19. MrMr

    Wuhan Wheeze

    Lol at all of this shite.
  20. MrMr

    Top 3 dead celebrities you wish you could have met?

    Kurt Cobain Freddie Mercury Rik Mayall