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    So the HSE have banned..

    Over a cup of tea and a chat this morning I was told that a carer here in Wexford, Im just visiting is no longer allowed to take her client in her personal car however should the clients guardian pay privately for the carer then they would be allowed. Her employer told her this in the last...
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    Moving to Dublin.. Good or Bad Idea??

    leave the usual proud Corkonian Shite out.. (i am proud and gonna teach em!) better job.. worth it?? Discuss.. Ive already made my mind up but just for kicks I'd like to see ye thrash it out!:D
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    je suis ici...

    well i made it back.. in love with France, Switzerland will not be revisited but an epic trip all in all :)
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    Driving to Switzerland Tuesday,any tips...

    bar not falling asleep at the wheel that is?? lol:rolleyes:
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    Waching the cider house rules..

    and blubbering like a baby... fuzzy just died...:cry:
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    Never thought..

    that my day would end up having me paint a "Just Married" poster for a friends wedding on saturday at 1am in the morning, just finished it though thank god.. :eek:
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    whats the deal with User page views?

    was this invented to show up stalker behaviour (the last ten ppl to view your page) and also the counter on views, is this a competitive thing as posting used to be... 'who can get to 10,000 first etc?'.. I find it all a bit odd really..:confused:
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    Garda reserves..

    well whats the consensus? yay or nay?
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    inappropriate use of language by sporting commentators

    really.... just used the line "lovely forward thrust there..." nearly fell of the couch...
  10. M on...

    tis on my friend..
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    Crusty neighbours are having a domestic.. 2 weeks into

    ... living next door... :evil:
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    what has the theme of your year been...

    well? anybody actually have a good year?
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    Lord have mercy on my soul.. For I have walked a sinful road..

    Lord have mercy on my soul.. For I have walked a sinful road.. A nun, a nurse and a bad santa walk into a bar....
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    Spontanious Ice Skating invite...

    To all who dare... Cork Show grounds, 7.30pm ish.....I'm off to break a leg...
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    Nemo Rangers Water point..

    Hey all just wondering as Nemo is a water point is it affected? wondering if the club is still running, house mate has to teach a class there tomorrow night.. could it be cancelled???
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    Think I'm getting the flu or something!!

    god dammit! and moving this week.. it sucks!
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    FAO Wall-E....

    Empty your box man...:oops:
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    pubs in clon... any good ones?

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    Answer me this...........

    Is Far west Cork not the best place to drink wine with your other half awaiting the impending doom of meeting the family.....him to mine that is.... nah seriously, tis though... discuss.