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    Farewell PROC!

    I am leaving work on friday and where I shall be moving on to I won't have internet access,*sob*,I don't know how I am going to cope without the net:lol!: Anyway it's been mostly fun being on here,some not so fun but you have to take the bad with the good don't you.Thanks for the laughs,and...
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    What a fantastic morning!!

    Even though the weather is crap I have had the most fantastic morning!! I was in the audience for the Ray D'Arcy Feel Good Tour,it was a brilliant show made even better by Tommy Tiernan and Declan O'Rourke being there! Ray puts on a really good show and by the time we all left we had face aches...
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    Women with big foreheads.

    If you had a big forehead would you not consider growing a fringe to cover it up so people wouldn't be staring at you??
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    Ray Foley,are you a fan?

    I like him,so what do ye think?
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    Happy Birthday Maz!

    Happy birthday Maz:bday: Welcome to the 30's:p
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    Stoopid ads on the tv!

    I just saw the ad for the new ariel exel gel and there is a guy putting his wash on and he is putting white jeans in,now tell me what self respecting man wears white jeans????
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    I just got the funniest phone call!!

    I can't stop laughing,Mr.Misters dog just ate his left shoe. Poor dog,he is obviously not getting fed enough:lol!:
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    Racing the satnav!!

    Had a discussion about this the other night when someone told me the are always racing their satnav home. I was like,do you throw it out the window and see if you get home before it or what??? Anyway does anyone else try to get to your destination before the arrival time the satnav says???I...
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    FAO Action Man

    Your inbox is full,you might sort that out like a good lad:p
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    Shave you beard Mr.Mister!

    i am sick telling you it doesn't suit you!! For anyone who may have seen it,aren't I right???
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    Black cats.

    I have always heard that a black cat crossing your path was good luck but was informed this morning that it's bad luck. What do ye think?
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    Could this be true??

    I just received this in an e-mail from my sister,anyone heard this before,could it possibly be true.I am very doubtfull it is!! ATM - PIN Number Reversal - Good to KnowIf you should ever > > be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, > > you can notify the police by entering...
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    First 09 spotted

    I have just seen the first 09 reg,isn't that weird that it's the 20th of january and that's the first one I have seen!!Normally see them within the first few days of january,I hate to utter the R word but this is obviously a sign of it!!
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    FAO Vince

    Did I wear you out the other day??? No sign of you since,are you that much of a lightweight??:lol!:
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    FAO Action Man

    Woo hoo,well done on the senior member status:bday:
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    Happy Birthday 1916

    See now you have your own thread:D Happy birthday:bday:
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    Opening xmas presents before the 25th

    I got an xmas present off Mr.Mister last week and he is disgusted with me that I have it opened already. Does anyone else open theirs before xmas day?? Please say yes and prove him wrong that I am not the only person that does this.
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    Happy birthday Chrissy4evr

    Happy birthday:bday: Just spotted it's your birthday and seen as no one else started a thread I thought I would:D Have a good one girl!!
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    FAO Maggie00

    Clear out your box luv:p
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    YaY I have reached the magic number:bday: