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    New Easy Pass Fees...
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    John Spillane & Mick Flannery on The View!

    Just saw it there, pure class!
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    The Official Budget 2010 Thread

    Might as well have an official thrread...
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    Liam Clancy RIP

    Just reported on the news there that he died this evening in a Cork hospital. What a legend, a very very sad day for Ireland and for Irish Folk music. The end of the Clancys and Tommy Makem who revolutionised Irish Folk music in the 1960s and inspired many including Bob Dylan. Tonight Liam...
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    Flood warning issued for Cork city
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    Car on Fire in the Airport

    Car up in flames in the Airport Business park. The poor sod will have to pay for the Airport Fire Brigade and the city Fire Brigade, business park clean up, removal and scrappage, not to mention a new car...
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    2010 GAA Championship Draws

    Only just over 8 hours to the draws for next years championships. I reckon if we avoid Tipp in the hurling then we're odds on for a Munster Final appearance. I suppose in the football you'd just want to avoid Kerry until the final so as not to have to peak too early like this year...
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    Examiner: Pay for Deaths...

    The Kerry Examiner hits a new low, they will no longer show the deaths on their website, instead you have to subscribe to see them... NOTE: Family notices on this site are a subscription service. Access to the family announcements page is still available quickly and globally through the...
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    Cork Docklands Development

    Looks like developers are about to start motoring on this according to the front of today's Echo
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    For the "Good Little Europeans"

    Are you all basking in the types of comments being made this morning my Minister Micheal and Dick Roche: Oh we made a brilliant political decision to go away and hide for a few weeks, knowing full well that the lack of proper debate on the issues and the clever scare mongering would convince...
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    How to Challenge a 'Yes' vote...

    Given that the second referendum on Lisbon is a direct challenge to the previous 'No' vote, is there any possible way to legally challenge a 'Yes' vote or at least put such a challenge through the courts to delay the ratification process??? It is utterly undemocratic to allow one and not the...
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    Unlimited Heartbreak: The Inside Story of Limerick Hurling

    Unlimited Heartbreak: The Inside Story of Limerick Hurling By Colm O’Connor Friday, October 02, 2009 A WARTS ‘n all new book on Limerick hurling which has raised hackles in official circles will be launched next week by county hurling sponsor JP McManus. The new book claims that a post-match...
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    And Martin Talks About A Good Impression...

    And Minister Martin Talks about making a good impression on potential investors in Ireland. If they spent the money on our broadband infrastrucure, that they've spent on lying to us over the last few months, then we'd be far more attractive to foreign investment...
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    Time for Cork to Embrace Dual Players Again?

    I think now is the perfect time for Conor Counihan and Denis Walsh to sit down with their selectors and trainers and sketch out a regime that would allow for the return of the dual player in Cork. With our footballers so close to All Ireland glory and our hurlers in need of some freshening up...
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    Europe on Lisbon

    For all those expats on here who currently reside in the other European countries, have you had recourse to discuss the Lisbon Treaty with the locals? If so what is their attitude to Lisbon and how would they like to see Ireland vote?
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    Question on the Guarantees...

    What happens these guarantees if we vote No to Lisbon? Will they still become protocols in the next treaty?
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    The Official 2010 GAA NFL Thread

    The Fixtures are out: February 7th: Away to Monaghan February 13th: Home to Kerry March 6th: Home to Galway March 13th: Away to Tyrone March 20th: Home to Dublin March 27th: Away to Derry April 11th: Home to Mayo
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    The Official 2010 GAA NHL Thread

    The Fixtures have been announced: February 21st: Home to Offaly February 27th: Away to Limerick March 14th: Home to Kilkenny March 21st: Away to Waterford March 28th: Away to Dublin April 4th: Home to Tipperary April 18th: Away to Galway
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    EU clears €54.5m Polish aid for Dell plant

    Wednesday, 23 September 2009 12:25 Poland has won approval from the European Commission for its plan to grant €54.5m in aid for a factory to which US company Dell is moving production from Ireland. After an in-depth investigation, the EU competition authority said the aid was compatible with...
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    Train Tickets for AI Football Final

    I have a few spare Adult train tickets up and down to Dublin for the All Ireland Football final next Sunday. Details: Leaving Kent at 08:30 on Sunday morning arriving in Dublin at 11:20. Leaving Houston at 19:00 Sunday evening and arriving in Cork at 21:45. Cost per ticket is 71 euro. These...