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    Blue Flu

    Could be coming
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    Sair Khan from Corrie

    Not bad at all
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    Doctor accused of rape flees the country
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    Sparky goes BANG!

    It's a coming
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    A new low

    I love a bit of trashy reality telly but this takes the piss lads. Read more:
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    The Lord of The Rings (book version)

    What say you?
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    The photo of the drug head parents

    Words just fail me sometimes.
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    Scummer usernames

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    Manchester United v Manchester City

    The big one Well?
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    Victim of gay bashing reports Gardai to ombudsman

    Let battle commence
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    it's his culture #394050

    It's alright lads he said sorry
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    Oasis doc from the makers of Amy & Senna

    Trailer in link. Looks daycent
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    Moro's in Cork

    Not had one in years, shops still sell 'em?
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    A four year old could be getting a sex change

    Da fucking world is gone nuts.
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    The two gay lads in the barry's tea ad

    It's 2016 why not just come out? The ad is as irritating as the lesbian one a while back. Aha825Ko8ec
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    Gowly has been spotted in the usa

    Mad fucker met his match Read more:
  17. L user a bit bitter over a proc ban

    :lol!::lol!: Dry 'em lads another rattled boards user .
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    Ass grabber may avoid sexual assault conviction

    Aw diddums he's not eating. Herald
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    Gay lads have a kiss in at sainsbury's

    Oh ffs Read more:
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    R2-D2 goes BANG!

    rip indo