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    Oh yeah

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    FAO: Ginger norries.

    It can't be that great, m8, Langer dan was in Thailand for a few weeks and was on the proc every day fightin feens and disrespecting matlock. And he's a fairly handsome fucker like. With plenty of his daddy's wedge. What would a poor, plain enough fella find in Thailand? Youngfellas I...
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    One for the lads

    If a burd let you roide her on the first date would you go off her or would ya go back for more? Ladies, feel free to chip in ( Im sound like that)
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    Pointy can make death threats against other posters yet remain on the board? Pull your finger out admin. Not on, morally or legally.
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    An Exhibition of paintings by Laura Healy Opening Reception 7PM Friday, July 19 @Courtyard Gallery, Midleton Opening Times Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5.30pm.
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    Fat people

    Simply not liked. Discuss.
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    Ireland's Great

    Isnt it just, look outside boys and girls. What a marvellous day to be above ground. Gwan Ireland, fuck the begrudgigars!!!
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    Ammers training at fota

    Joe Cole looks sharp
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    Cork Motor Tax office

    shower of wankers? Discuss
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    Roddy Doyle.......not very funny

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    Blueprint, an exhibition of sea life sculptures in Italian marble, Irish limestone and bog-oak
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    Decco Ganley's public meeting in the Silversprings

    Whats the spacer up in arms about now?
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    Midleton Tag Rugby

    Game tonight if anyone fancies a run about. At the pitch from 6.30 Spare me the ususal drivel.....
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    It begins

    After a self imposed Exile LD is back. Its my new June resolution to be nice and civil to all so in the spirit of reconciliation I extend the INTERNET hand of friendship to all my followers, friends, INTERNET hardmen and trolls alike. Live long and prosper, etc, etc.... kjxSCAalsBE
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    The Bobs and HBoBs 'who'd win in a fight Thread.

    Ding ding, First bout: Wilfy Vs. Bitzer
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    Aggressive doorstaff

    Can't say I care for it and I certainly won't be returning to the premises in question. Learn some manners.
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    An auld mix

    Found this from a few months back on Mixcloud. feedback appreciated Mixatronofgoodness
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    Porn for the Blind

    Porn For The Blind are an eclectic rock band that hail from Cork city, Ireland. Influences include Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads and Sparklehorse. check them at You can catch the lads this thursday @ the Woodford @ 9pm...
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    Table Quiz for focus Ireland

    I know this isnt the events guide but no one views the arts forum and Im not going to make the events guide at this late notice :( Please don't ban me..... 8.30 pm in Mr Bradleys, 3 quid a head. Great prizes, all welcome
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    Not paying your debts

    Some people have no manners. scant adjective /skant/  Barely sufficient or adequate - companies with scant regard for the safety of future generations Barely amounting to a specified number or quantity - she weighed a scant two pounds