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    Weird YouTube channels

    Good aul Pierogi....
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    Ironman Youghal.

    Water was about 19° at 0600 so it was great temp wise, and smooth as glass. The weekend went off great, and yesterday was buzzing. A few lads struggled, and a fair few DNFs, but all in all, great feedback. 3 years contract (reset due to pandemic) and on a rolling basis after if all keeps going well.
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    Proc Twitter 2

    It's never just window shopping....... 🤔
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    Proc Twitter 2

    Sitting in Wilton SC carpark drinking a coffee, and reading the psychobabble that conspiracy theorists come up with. I do love the flat earthers, and how they repeatedly debunk their theories. The CERN ones are good, too.
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    Today, I shall mostly be identifying as...

    Quite possibly, lad.
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    Today, I shall mostly be identifying as...

    I'm Identifying as a cantankerous worker who runs on caffeine.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    I drive that stupid route multiple times a day at work. It's a disaster.... Head east and have the 3:1 filter lane and everyone thinks it's a race. Nearly had the front taken off the work wagon last week by a 3 series who flew across two lanes to take the Dublin road exit. He missed me, and the...
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    Traffic lights in Killeagh

    Also before you hit the 80 heading for killeagh out of Mogeely..... And at the White House.
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    Traffic lights in Killeagh

    There's never delays in Killeagh, day or night except for about 2 mins at school time. Castlemartyr would break you. Off at two mile Inn, out to Mogeely, into Killeagh. Sorted.
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    Proc Twitter 2

    Recurrent VT associated with myotonic dystrophy apparently. Poor chap.
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    People who drive on the opposite carriageway who don't dim their lights. If you can see my lights, I can see yours. Dim them, you spunktrumpet!! Also, people who can't use roundabouts and go from one lane into yours. Dunkettle, and Wilton road are prime examples for this. Also also, people who...
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    It's far from gone. As anybody who works in and around a healthcare setting can agree with. Day in, day out, it's still ffp2 and gowns. It will never be gone, but it is being dealt with, and despite the people harping on about vaccinations, they are working. It's also mutating to more...
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    your favy you tube channels?

    Doo doo doo doo doooooo
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    Singer wanted!

    Hey PRoCcers, we are looking for a singer for a heavy blues/rock blues band. Various influences, such as BB King, Dr John, Joe Bonamassa, SRV, KWS, Johnny Winter etc etc. We play a selection of Southern style blues/rock blues. Know anybody? Reply here. Sound!!
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    Hmmm.... The modern coward. We all know at least one!

    The coward today isn’t somebody who backed down from a fight, refused to walk into a haunted house or said no to facing the dragon. Those times are long gone. We don’t live in a Game of Throne-esque world where going to a bar means getting into a fight. The coward today can be dressed in a suit...
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    Cards Against Humanity

    Anybody fancy a game? I'm bored. Password is proc.
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    FAO JT - Or whateverthefuck you're called now.... Is this why you're stocking up on Haribo's la'? Making a bomb shelter. Do you know something we don't?
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    Squier P-Bass with Seymour Duncan 1/4lb Basslines

    For Sale! Great sounding bass, great punch from the upgraded pups, plays perfect, never de-tunes. Selling due to new bass. (I need to fund it some way ;) ) It's a really good example, and worth the price. €230 ONO...
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    Really, Maplin?

    Was in there today, and saw THESE beauties. They were the only/last box there. I was tempted to part with my hard earned cash for them, obviously because I'd be the talk of the town. Secret Agent Deefer, like.... but in the end, I went and bought a coffee, instead.
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    cards against Humanity - Online

    Who fancies a game?? Password is letmein