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    Green Party Senator objects to wind farm

    All politics are local it would appear: even for the ecomentalists
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    Car Crash Television

    The ultimate rubbernecking:
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    Used Car Prices

    Apparently used car prices have increased by up to 56% since the start of the pandemic. Brexit has also helped by closing off the clapped out BMW/Mercedes/Audi market. Obviously, Korean shitboxes have continued to depreciate, albeit slowly, but in general if you bought a two year old car in 2020...
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    Public Consultation On Reform of Licensing Laws

    The Government is currently considering reforming our outdated laws governing the sale of alcohol. "The Programme for Government commits to ‘modernising our licensing laws and application processes’ and the Justice Plan 2021 commits to reviewing and modernising alcohol licensing. In addition...
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    Fake Bouncer

    Reports of some guy standing outside the door of certain pubs that don’t have security wearing typical bouncer garb (earpiece, fake ID, outsize jacket) and saying “sorry not tonight” and relenting by saying, “OK so, just give me a tenner and I’ll let you in.” Anyone experienced this?
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    “Trial Shifts” for Potential Employees

    If you’re looking for a job and have no experience do you think it’s fair that employers should ask you to do a “trial shift,” to see if you’re up to the job and then decide whether or not to hire you? For no pay? Apparently this is happening quite a bit in the “hospitality” sector at the...
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    Another Cork Success Story in the Making

    Mariah Carey is launching her own Irish Cream Liquer. Her maternal grandparents are from Cork
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    Pairc Ui Chaoimh

    So Elton John is confirmed for July 1st next year. Are the Westlife gigs going ahead next year as well?
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    Amazon Prime Day

    Just heard an advert on radio for this just now. They’re telling people to join Amazon prime to enjoy Amazon Prime Day. The only thing is they’re directing people to This is a non EU site, and anything purchased on it will be subject to VAT and customs. The advert was on an...
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    Hunt Continues For Kerry Boar

    WILDLIFE RANGERS ARE continuing their search of a mountainous area in Kerry for a wild boar who escaped a cull. The hunt has prompted one wildlife campaigner to call for the on-the-run hog to be spared. In recent days the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) had been in the Mount...
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    Gadgets You Can’t Imagine Being Without

    1 iPhone 2. Sky Q 3. CarPlay (See, 1, above) 4. Surface And yes, I wish to fawk there was a tech forum etc…..
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    The Chinese: Not such a great bunch of lads

    32 years ago today the Chinese government butchered hundreds of students who were peacefully demonstrating in Tiananmen Square looking for the right to vote. We should never have normal diplomatic relations with a gangster state like China
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    Freddie Jones Goes BANG
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    Common EU Cyberdefence

    In the light of the cyberattack on the HSE on Friday, is it time for Europe to implement a common cyber defence infrastructure? Or should we continue to remain neutral with our €5 Million national cyber defence centre?
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    Millfield Service Station Served With Closure Order

    Rodent droppings in the food prep area
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    Would this financial ploy work?

    Banks are giving zero interest on deposits. Say you had €10,000 saved up. You transfer it to an An Post money credit card. You then go online and pay €10,000 in taxes to revenue. Revenue issue you with a tax refund which you lodge to your account. An Post give you 5% back in the form of Lidl...
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    Cara O’Sullivan RIP

    Only 59. Sad
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    Cork Address Jiggery Pokery

    We’re familiar with The Venue Bar & Lounge chicanery whereby people try to make out that it’s not really in Maaaaan. But what about other blatant examples of people taking the piss? Like with Togher residents pretending to live in “Wilton,” or Shamrock Lawn being in Douglas, or even parts of...
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    Should Straight Actors Play Gay Characters?

    Interesting debate here: qGILZ_iHzcA Is it the same as a white actor using blackface to play a black character?
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    Suggest new Alt for The Donald on Twitter

    Now that Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter, how should he rejoin the platform? What alt should he use? Suggestions welcome