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    Junior A Hurling Championship 2023

    Different era now in terms of dual clubs but it's largely forgotten that Nemo were a solid hurling club for a long time, 4/7 AI wins came with them playing senior hurling. 3 semi appearances from 72 to 75 and beat the great Glen 70s team in 74 and ran Blackrock close another year. Not a top...
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    ITALY - The Italian National Football Team

    RIP, Used to always pick him up in the version of championship manager I played as a kid cos he was a great player available on free transfer right at the start.
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    The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20

    Creating a balls-up
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    The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20

    If Dickens was alive today he'd write a book about Munster beating Leinster at Christmas
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    Happy fucking Christmas ...

    Always get the most fun presents you can
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    Little things that are immensely satisfying

    Trifle that would fail a breathalyser test
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    -55c in the states today

    He had some flooding in his ground floor 😳
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    Fundraiser for Statue Of Michael Collins in Patrick’s Street

    None of them were angels, Collins included, but far more likely that people just don't care about contributing. If the hand was in the other pocket and the government paid to put up a statue nobody would complain.
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    -55c in the states today

    Messaged my buddy in Boston, message not delivered 😢
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    is brian boru bridge by leisureplex open?

    Back in the day the Colliseum and Savoy were the ultimate day out. Pay your tenner and you get to play all the arcade games for 2 hours
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    Messi better than Maradona

    Batistuta criminally overlooked 🙁
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    Little things that are immensely satisfying

    They have it in aldi every so often
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    Little things that are immensely satisfying

    She put on the oven brite last night when I was out and I cleaned it while I was WFH today
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    2023 Premier sfc

    Mallow won as many matches in the 2022 Championship as Clon did in the 2022 League and Championship combined
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    To Hell or to Connaught.

    Wokeness for Ireland. Way easier for them to take down a statue than actually stop acting the maggot
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    Woke School Alert...

    Given the events thus far, they might still need it even if he is fired
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    Woke School Alert...

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    Woke School Alert...

    That's pretty much what everyone wanted Enoch to do
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    Woke School Alert...

    You could indeed be right, given the lack of legislation around the whole topic it is quite likely he could win in court and be completely vindicated of everything in the eyes of the law. Some people can even win settlements based purely on procedures followed in their suspension and not the...