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    ESB bill

    Cheers. Sounds a great investment if one can manage the initial outlay. We moved into an old house a couple of years ago. Got a grant to pump the cavity walls and insulate the attic, install several vents etc. Job cost about 3k, I paid just under 600 with the grant covering the rest. Great...
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    ESB bill

    How much did it cost to get the panels installed?
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    All the Vegan advertising popping up everywhere

    Anyone know if vegans can eat these insect burgers you can get in some shops now?
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    Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

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    How many Pride weekends are there?

    Did it take you that long to get it out?
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    Claire Collins

    Awful stuff. I don't want to introduce a hierarchy of victimhood but this poor woman will barely be remembered nationally while other people murdered in different circumstances will be well known across all aspects of society for a long long time. And that's not in any way to discredit any other...
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    Where in Cork am I?

    I've actually never been to Rocky Bay or Robert's Cove 😮
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    Immigration Thread

    The last 10 pages here is some of the worst stuff ever posted on the INTERNET.
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    The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

    Another billion quid should see this team competing again.
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    ballon d'or winner.....

    Ya agree with you. Not saying it was right that he got the award, just putting forward a reason that he may have got it.
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    ballon d'or winner.....

    Sometimes players get awards for their legacy. Didn't Giggs get PFA poty at the end of his career too, just an acknowledgement of his long career and wasn't the best that year by any stretch.
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    Pubs reopening June 29th

    The pubs could agree to offer customers free raspberry cordial and rename Victoria Rd 'The Raza Strip'.
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    Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

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    Wetherspoons for Cork. Where?

    I never had a pint in there. I was in one WS's in Glasgow about 10 years ago. A steak pie, chips and peas and a pint for £5.
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    Wetherspoons for Cork. Where?

    Blighty and his crew should buy it and use it as their political headquarters. Nobody could kick them out then.
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    Wetherspoons for Cork. Where?

    Is the Linen Weaver closing down?
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    Web Summit All Over The Shop

    What is a Web summit anyway? A load of nerds meeting up in a warehouse to talk about computers and the INTERNET?
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    Wetherspoons for Cork. Where?

    So Blighty was upstairs having a pint and his buddies who were asked to leave want him to make a complaint? Pmsl
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    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    How long before Ukraine win now that they have this armour? Are we talking months?