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    Bob Dylan doc on tele

    This Friday and Saturday on BBC4,No Direction Home is to be shown.Brilliant.
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    Levis jean jacket

    Dark blue,genuine Levis jean jacket(mens) for sale.Very good condition. Size,medium. 12 euros.
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    Duncan Maitland

    Anyone seen Maitland live? What do you think? Ive never seen him but checked him out on You Tube.He's also playing in London so I might catch him.
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    What's your poison?

    Fav alcoholic beverages.
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    Another Irish London club to close
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    Favourite radio station and/or show

    In this world of DAB radio ,I still think there isnt a great deal of good listening.The choice is there but I still think most shows are crap. Anyway,whats your choice(s) of radio show?
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    Malcolm X book

    I have for sale,in excellent condition,The Malcolm X Encyclopaedia,hardback. Tried Ebay and Amazon already. 10 Euros.
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    Best decade for music

    Just a generalization,but what do you think?
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    Favourite Monty Python film

    Im a massive Python fan and my fav film is Life of Brian.Whats yours,if any?
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    Happy birthday soxy

    Have a good un.
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    Irish Cultural Centre,Hammersmith

    Things are looking decidedly dodgy as the local council want to close the centre down.
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    Anyone smoke here? If so,how many and are you trying to give up?
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    Favourite bands and artists.

    Lets hear you. Personally,I listen to a fairly wide range of stuff,ranging from The Beatles,Irish trad,60s soul and listening to Christy Moore alot lately.
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    Is there a introduction thread on here? If so,I cant ruddy well find it.:confused: Just started posting and just wanna say hello,folks.:)