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    City Boundary Extension No extension in 50 years after a massive construction boom under the Celtic Bubble. What a fucking banana republic we have.... They couldn't rezone land quick enough.
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    FG TD protecting the Vinters Association This is not a public health issue at all as there are cheaper alternatives in the supermarkets and off license. What is happening here is that the government are trying to protect the cartel of the...
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    The Red Army Choir

    KdrCsB23GoU A master stroke by Putin. I have forgotten about the Crimea already. I salute the Russian Bear, your courage, your strength and your indefatigably.
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    Cork - Sydney of Europe This is very long overdue and lets hope there is no hold up in starting the process asap.
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    It's the 0.0094 pint of Guinness... Following on from the Indo story today... What will be the first business to accept bitcoin in Cork?
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    Happy New Year Horse!!!

    If your Chinese like............
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    AIB Customers be warned!!! AIB Customers only use your own machine. You dont want to be down a few hundred this week!!!!!!!
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    Student's ear bitten off in City I wish this young student a full recovery from this terrible assault and I hope the legal system will try to do the right thing for a change by burying the animal in a hole for a long time.
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    Officers 1 Immigrants 0 Saying the word "immigrants" is now been branded as racism. PC brigade shot themselves in the foot yet again. I am delighted to see the system doing its job.
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    Roy Hodgson Racist Joke England have just qualified for the World Cup and they are trying to shot themselves in the foot already. Why do we always see this PC bullshit in the UK? Granted there are some problems...
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    Tyson interview on Howard Stern Great Tyson interview on Howard Stern. Have a listen.
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    Quick Revenue Question?

    How long is it since revenue moved from Sullivan Quay to Blackpool? Thanks
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    Euro 2020 UK & Ireland Fantastic idea. The Scotland and Ireland approach a few years ago never got off the ground. However with Wales and England on board it will be a great occasion. Lets hope the Uefa powers see sense.
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    Roy heading for Turkey Looks like Keano is off to Turkey to resurrect his flagging managerial career... I wish him well!!
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    Rte Daytime from Cork At last the so called National Broadcaster has decided to spread its wings from D4. Probably a bit to late however as with satellite tv and the net this horse has bolted a long time ago. Still I wish them well!!!
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    Business Start Up

    The post that I just read was about a job interview. I have however today become self employed and it is the first day of a lot of work!!! Any tips from business owner and entrepreneurs out there???
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    Secret Millionaire of Shandon St to sell home Looks like hes taking quite a big hit on it..
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    Usher Gig Live on Youtube
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    Roy Keane Interview on BBC

    Interview with Roy on today. Interesting interview, he talks a makes good valid points as always....
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    "Ming" for Dail Eireann !!! It wouldnt surprise me really. Stranger things have happened!!!