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    Cheltenham 09 - whats hot whats not

    Hows it goin my tips for Cheltenham! - let me know what ye think champion hurdle - binocular (nap) arkle trophy - calgary bay e/w queen mother champion chase - masterminded (nap) ladbrokes world hurdle - punchestowns - w triumph hurdle - zaynar (nap) finally,the gold cup - gonna side...
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    Happy feckin friday you bunch of heroes!

    Mornin all long time no speak.Its friday and i am feelin fine fine fine!.So whats the skinny here like lately who has fell out with who,who is ridin who etc etc.I see the usual paltry tedium is still being projected on here by the usual folks lacking in life experience!! he he :p ;).Its a sort...
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    I am k******ed,back at work tuesday after a week off worked all the hours since like the greedy little fella that i am,but i like having nice stuff so whaddya do?.Anyone got any good suggestions for gettin rid of the old tiredness....bath etc.Much appreciated. (Sorry i didnt get speakin to ya...
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    Pwned like a mo' fo'

    Aw,it seems me old buddy and erstwhile sparring partner (he he!) HM83 has had his hairy ass pwned good and proper like.Hows everyone doin,had a great week in west cork....need a week to recover.Whats the skinnie?any craic like?
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    What happens next - sure ye decide,like!

    Mornin all!!!! Great day yesterday,he he....anyhow yesterday is now done so you guys can decide what happens next.It is a free speaking forum after all and i am enjoying what you all have to say so very much.I do reckon though that one person in particular that has been posting on this has...
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    Ireland v norway,setanta

    Hows it goin,ireland v norway exclusive to setanta weds night.Anyone know if that footy doctor website that streams live games free is any use?? any feedback greatly appreciated,thanks
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    Really old school comedy,or is it!

    Was watchin a marx brothers movie the other night (day at the races),forgot how funny those guys were.Absolute genius stuff altogether. They were way ahead of their time,comedy pioneers.(The musical ,harp playin bits aside).In fairness the scene with the horse in the vets....priceless brothers n...
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    First Isaac hayes now Bernie mac

    Fuck,watchin sky movies last night oceans 13,announcer says that Bernie mac died last week from pneumonia!!!............. He was funny as fuck in Bad santa as the chain smokin,orange eatin security guard!.... R.I.P.
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    Afternoon I am absolutely Lee Marvin i gotta eat ,right i'm away to kfc can i get anyone wings,hot rod meal??
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    Esser 'headlock'

    Anyone know if this can be downloaded from anywhere at the minute cant get the tune out of my head.Tried i-tunes last week no joy,have tried torrent searches no!
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    Bill o herlihy and the beach volleyball

    Whats the story here with bill the chuckling perv and his daily over excitement at the beach volleyball 2 things 1 - has he never been to the beach or seen 'a woman' in swim attire before 2 - In fairness the whole lot of them are well rank,like 6 ft ironin boards with no body fat ( not my...
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    New release movies,am i missin something!!

    Spent the last few nights watching some new release movies and have to say i was fairly disappointed for the most part.Have i missed some good stuff in the last few months or what Here is what i watched and how i scored them Hancock - Big pile of wank Batman the dark shite - Over hyped piss...
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    Happy friday! -

    Just have a general Happy buzz today......spread the love folks,I know there is a cuddle thread already but sure ya can never get enough love!!!! Hi to my wee friend !;)
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    Sectarianism gone wrong!

    Just when you think this sort of foolishness is in the past........(Must know David healy!)
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    Att Lorna & any tattoo heads!(Hiya Maz tiny feet!!)

    Finally 2 months after talking about it i have managed to get this tattoo started.Gettin it finished the 6th August.Don't think its turnin out too bad. What do yez reckon?? (Second attempt -he he!!) Right this!! is what the guy based it on (holy fuck i am technically useless like!!) This...
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    Anthem Mix Up For N.i. I had to laugh when i read this.Living up here makes it a bit more significant i guess.Lot of people up in arms (if you will excuse the expression!!)
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    Robbie keane to Liverpool?? Reading this old stuff from 98 i see Robbie has been given a second bite at the cherry.A deal has been proffered involving Peter crouch and 8 mill.This is the guy that pledged to finish his career at spurs.Is this just one...
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    republic of ireland deaf football team

    Republic of Ireland team head off for 1st World Deaf Football Championships June 30th, 2008 The Republic of Ireland Deaf Football Team travelled to Greece yesterday to compete in the 1st World Deaf Football Championship. The tournament, which takes place in Patras, Greece, runs from the 2nd...
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    Ascot day one - predictions

    Alright folks day one and some miserable prices but some serious naps available to swell the coffers for the rest of the week My call today is 15.05 fleeting spirit (classy horse) best price is 2/1 but Nap big style 15.45 Henrythenavigator,watched him blow away new approach last month at the...
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    Ireland v Serbia

    Well the start of a new era.I am heading to Croker saturday to hopefully witness the beginning of something special(yes i'm a super optimist!!)A couple of training games in portugal last week but wouldnt read too much into them.The Serbs will prove a far tougher test and even though its a...