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    Traffic Chaos At Ringaskiddy Roundabout

    The Ringaskiddy roundabout on the way into Carrigaline is closed due to a chemical spill.
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    Cork Wins Again

    European Region Of The Future Award as awarded by the Financial Times, FDI magazine: (FDI = Foreign Direct Investment. NORTHERN EUROPE/ IRELAND: Winner: Cork Cork has attracted investment in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, information and communication technology and...
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    Take That Blow Audience Away With Fab Concert!!

    Take That's thrilling comeback (BANG) - Take That wowed audiences last night (23.04.06) on the first show of their comeback tour. Howard Donald, 37, Gary Barlow, 35, Mark Owen, 35, and Jason Orange, 34, proved they were still a pop force in front of 9,000 screaming fans in...
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    Will Milan catch Juventus?

    Three points in it, three games to go. Milan have won ten of their last twelve, Juve have drawn their last five games. And if they finish level on points, Milan win the title on the basis that they beat Juve 3-1 already this season. It will all be down to Roma on the last day of the season at...
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    Wizz Air

    Wizz Air, (I know, me too, I never heard of them either) are holding a press conference in Cork on Friday to announce details of their expansion plans from Cork Airport. They are allegedly a new low cost carrier based in Central and Eastern Europe. Hmmm.......
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    Thank You

    To: Thomas J. Clarke Sean MacDiarmada Thomas MacDonagh Padraig Pearse Eamonn Ceannt James Connolly Joseph Plunkett Thank you. You gave your lives so that we could have the freedoms which we enjoy today. I know that things maybe aren't the best, there is a lot of problems in the...
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    Centenary Of Samuel Beckett

    I watched "Play" the other night on RTE (the one with Alan Rickman) and I must say it was one of the best films I've seen in years. It would be worth the licence fee alone just for that 16 minutes. The editing, the acting, the makeup, the lighting, everything about it was superb. So fair play to...
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    Sir Henrys And The GPO In Dumpland

    As we all know, over 350,000 people attended the Nirvana Concert in Sir Henrys, but now it appears that the GPO in Dumpland is the largest building in Ireland as apparently half the populations Great-Grandfathers were in there in 1916 during the rising. And there were four million people at...
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    What’s "squeaky bum time" in Portuguese?

    (Or Russian even) Eight days ago, the gap was 15 points........ Heh heh heh..... :)
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    What Company Do You Hate The Most?

    Following on from that thread about the most hated company in America, what company do you hate the most in Ireland? I hate Eircom, the bastards. I hate the whole Scotts/Havana Browns/Shoeboxes In Victoria Cross crowd as well.
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    United Release Fortune, Announce Summer Tour Of South Africa

    United Release Fortune, Announce Summer Tour Of South Africa Brilliant timing. Fortune isn't getting a new contract, and both Villareal and Deportivo are said to be interested in him for next season. Meanwhile, United will tour South Africa during the summer. Poor Quinton. 126 games, 11 goals.
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    Saturday is April 1st

    And as most of us will be off at the weekend, I might as well start by saying: Your laces are open.
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    "Rolling Stones Are Shite" - Noel Gallagher

    From The Examiner: Gallagher blasts ageing Stones quality 29/03/2006 - 17:08:50 Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has slammed veteran band The Rolling Stones for failing to realise their recent albums will never equal the classic discs they released in the 1960s and 1970s. The Wonderwall star...
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    O'Flynn Construction Major Housing Scheme Rejected By An Bord Pleanala

    O'Flynn Construction Major Housing Scheme Rejected By An Bord Pleanala They wanted to build 600 houses in Dunkathel in Glanmire. An Bord Pleanala told them to fuck off today. OK,ok, maybe they "refused them planning permission" but it's basically the same thing.
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    The Clam

    That's my new name for Hard-Fi. The Clam. An amalgam of The Clash and The Jam. Still, they're not that bad. (I would welcome tuckers or redabbeys opinions on this theory) I wish to FAWK there was a music forum
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    Packs Of Ten Cigarettes Being Banned

    Ireland pioneering anti-smoking laws Five European countries have adopted smoking bans since Ireland first pioneered the move two years ago today. Last weekend, Scotland became the latest to stub out the weed, following Italy, Malta, Norway and Sweden. Anti-smoking groups marking the second...
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    You know you are a junior hurler when.....

    1. You spend all winter on the beer speculating on who will be brought in to manage the junior hurling team next year 2. The hardest tackle you will make all year is in an indoor soccer match in January 3. When you break your brother-in-law's leg 4. There are 35 at training under lights on...
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    Doesn't Time Fly?

    Poland marks first anniversary of Pope's death 24/03/2006 - 10:12:05 Poland’s parliament today marked the forthcoming first anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s death with a resolution expressing its “immense gratitude” to the late Polish-born Pontiff. Politicians stood and applauded after the...
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    Prostitute Disfigurement

    They are in The Cruiscin Lan next month. Their tour date says that they think Cork is in the United Kingdom. Temple Bar, Dublin, is in Ireland though.
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    Not Another Flyte Night Type Stunt!

    On the back page of the Echo tonight there is a picture of Shandon Steeple, with a green kind of bubble around the top, and a load of Flying Saucers inside in it. Down the bottom of the picture it says "18-04-06" The funny thing about it is that they are using a picture of Shandon as it used...