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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    I had no time for LoTR but I gave this a shot. The sexy elf aside, it's pretty meh so far. I don't know why Lenny Henry is playing an Irish gypsy, but whatever.
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    Heathrow - Cork situation

    Has anyone taken this flight recently? Are they full? Odds of being infected by a peasant?
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    passport renewal

    Has anyone had to renew their passport recently? How long did it take?
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    Illuminati chemtrail ops in Clare
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    Concorde sonic booms

    Am I mad or was the sonic boom audible from Cork? I'm convinced it was, or maybe it was just the oul fella winding me up.
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    The EU is ghey

    I'm not sure what the pigs refer to but our red comrades may have a point; it is a bit wet.
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    ISIS bans the burqa
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    So I'll be voting for Britain to leave the EU in a few months and I reckon the rest of the place will be too (apart from the Poles). Enda Kenny was mentioned on BBC News for the first time in about 5 years last night saying it'd be terrible for Ireland, not that Britain would give two shits. So...
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    Recession Part Deux

    We're all fucked again lads.
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    Argentinian Strictly Come Dancing NSFW

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    Dell to buy EMC Nervous times for Ovens
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    Shannen Doherty

    I'd forgotten about her. :(
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    FAO: Engineers

    How steep is Patrick's Hill?
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    Sexy ankles 135 dolla, a bit steep
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    Islamic State Parish Newsletter
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    Foreign bricklayers 'on £1,000-a-week amid skill gap'

    More of it. Sydney will be deserted soon.
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    Flying from Heathrow to Cork?

    don't check in baggage if you can, there's a 50% chance it will not be on the same plane as you. Been going on for a few weeks now apparently. Bastards
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    some ballache 3 between now and August, plus stags. I'm broken.
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    Non-Scots wearing kilts at Scottish weddings

    What's the story here? I've a wedding in a few months and not sure if wearing a kilt is the done thing for non-Scots. Pros: The Portuguese lassies won't know what hit them Cons: Probably cost a lot to rent out.