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    Happy Birthday frankeechops!!

    does exactly as it says on the tin! happy birthday dude. i hope you get drunk and fall asleep on your bathroom floor with a snack box and curry all over your chest with a big happy smile on your bosca!!! *sunbabeateawholeroastlamblegsnallincludingthebonessuperhappyfuntimeface*
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    PROC Google!

    I'm as lazy as they come and I know there are some unreal googlers on here! I also know fellas/chicks love looking shit up and finding answers on stuff. If you need an answer and you can't be arsed maybe you could post your query here and some of the loon bats could get you the answer via the...
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    The what are you not listening to thread!

    Like its very successful sister thread only for songs that bug you or you hate or have been so over played that you want to take the eye out of your head. ill start away! GEpEeAPwdgs
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    The official "how was your day gang" thread

    There is a lot of speculation about who and what is a how was your day member/thread. As a member myself I will make it very very easy for people. From now on if you post in this thread you are a member. Whether you are wumming or not or abusing someone or just trying to ruin the thread by...
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    Free Online Links To The Great Movies you havn't ...

    ....Seen. Post a movie title. Within 24hrs a link will be published.
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    Great TV Show To Checkout?

    All and any links appreciated.
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    Best Ma Flaher On PRoC

    I nominate Duffer. Seems like the kinda fellow who'd have at least 6 ma's flah'd before breakfast. Rutty would be my second nominated. I'd say she'd flah a ma at 100 paces.
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    Answers On A Postcard.

    A right gem from duffer...
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    One For Mick Lyons.

    Gordon Ramsay loves sharks, and this passion leads him on his most personal mission yet - to investigate the controversial dish, shark fin soup. 7y_HIoCx3w0 To understand more about the kings of the ocean, Gordon plunges in to swim with the deadly bull shark, in his scariest challenge to date...
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    Come Dine With Me: Cork Tonight Tv3 9pm

    Don't let us down lads.
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    Panorama – Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed

    Panorama – Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed May 31st, 2011 |
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    Anyone Heading To See Mr.Mister Doing His Thang? I'm heading along.
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    I imagine, as one gets older the idea of having them becomes better? Those of us that have taken such a step is it worth it IYO?
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    Strippers In Cork

    Where's the best place one can either purchase or enjoy a Cork stripper?