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    Loosing the Farm

    We had a farm one time. Someone forgot go check the screws around the edge, we loosed the whole thing.
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    Official Cycling Thread

    Fairly hilly around Bweeng if I remember correctly :D. Banteer can be proud of Eddie.
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    Official Cork City FC/LOI thread!

    Not good, lads. Banter and all that's fine, but this is fucking unacceptable. What sort of scumbag would stoop to that.
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Just finished S03. Lads, you have to watch this <chef's kiss/>
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    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure? I have the aul Shitster on ignore, I presume you are replying to 3 separate piles of shite.
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    Woke School Alert...

    DeSantis/Sanctimonious. He's a nawful snowflake altogether, afraid of the gays, trans, blacks, immigrants, books, Mickey Mouse. Actually he's not, hes a cynical ivy league alumnus, feeding the stupid with lies, looking down on them and getting them to punch down on their supposed inferiors...
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    Madeline McCann

    And there you have it, incontrovertible proof. The PROCs crime analyst, accept no substitute.
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    Philip Schofield......any one shocked?

    Ah Sooz, a national treasure - not our nation mind you, and not officially a national treasure "over there" shamefully.
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    Martin Amis takes the night train.

    Long time since I read it, must do it again.
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    Gaelic in the Joy. - Pandering to the criminals

    Hang them and then flog them, that'll learn them.
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    Heat Pump question

    Anyone ever deal with a crowd called PureVolt - Cork-based? I'm thinking about getting a solar pv setup.
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    Solar Power

    Anyone ever deal with a crowd called PureVolt - Cork-based? I'm thinking about getting a solar pv setup.
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    free speech

    Gwanyalanger. Peaceful ffs.
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    What TV Series Are You Watching Now?

    Guilt. BBC Scotland from a few years ago, probably done before here but sure so what. It's about...guilt. Set in Embra, Leith (choose life...). First episode, meh, will I bother. Chanced another, hooked, it's excellent IMHO. Finished season 1 and 2, can't wait to watch season 3. 9/10
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    Official Cycling Thread

    Wait till Radcliffe takes over Manu, there will be a wonderful cross-fertilization of ideas and marginal gainy stuff. But it goes without saying that football, the sport with the biggest financial involvement of all, is completely clean.
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    What are you listening to right now???

    Going to see Janelle in July. I'm beginning to think she might like girls. Edit: It's age restricted, can't imagine why <Lee puzzled emoji/>
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    Robot lawnmowers

    Husqvarna FTW, have one for about 4 years now. 2 out of 3 neighbours got them after seeing mine in action. Fuck walking after a lawnmower, it's boring and it's not exercise.
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    The King's Coronation

    Friend of mine reckons the heads of Peppa and the rest of them remind her of the...uh, erect male member, balls and all :unsure: She's from Slovkia though, sure they're all mad over there.
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    The King's Coronation

    Portrayal of Daddy Pig though👎 As a white (yes he's pink but still) cis check-your-privilege male identifier I'm constantly triggered by his ineptitude.
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    The King's Coronation

    Cocomelon on Netflix👌