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    Favourite warlords when you were a Somali?

    C'mere... did ya ever write a song about the oul doll?
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    Youth coaching: "You're doing it WROOONG!" says....

    Youth coaching: "You're doing it WROOONG!" says.... ... a certain PROCCER in the Orish Toyimz this weekend. Seems to be the most read article in sport on the Irish Times site too this weekend. He's obviously approaching this from a soccer angle, but the points apply across team sports. Good...
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    Kindle Fire v Some other tablet

    Howdy. Been tempted to get a bog standard Kindle reader for some time but have been thinking it just makes more sense to go for a Kindle Fire. Sure, you lose the benefit with the basic reader of being able to make it out well in sunlight but just seems to make sense. However, as I'd be going...
  4. H diss "Absolutely Shambolic" Turners Cross diss "Absolutely Shambolic" Turners Cross I've been in the media game a long time, long enough to feel like we get a pretty raw fucking deal in terms of public perception at times.... But then I read utter fuckwittery like this, and you know what? No wonder so many people think journos...
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    275,000 ticket applications for Ireland games in Euros

    Fucking bandwagoners. :rolleyes:
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    Tony Hart goes BANG!

    At age 83. :(
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    Specials drummer John Bradbury goes BANG!

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    Minimum alcohol price breaches EU law...

    ... As implemented in Scotland anyway. Wonder what will happen in Ireland with this loony law.
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    Modern day slavery alive and well in Ireland...

    Anyone watch this episode of RTE investigates? Just saw it now. Sadly nothing really new and surprising here. :( Au pairs in Ireland 'working up to 70 hours a week for...
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    The European domestic politics thread

    Spanish election is coming up at the weekend, but I figured a thread on that and that alone would probably bomb, so how about a thread on the domestic politics of countries over on the mainland? Whilst on the campaign trail 20 minutes up the road from here last night, Spanish prime minister...
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    streaming RTE for the game tonight outside Ireland?

    if anyone has any good links I'd be grateful. Obviously is geoblocked, and Sky, while possible, is utter shite for these occasions. I use a VPN for most things (US/IRL netflix, etc) called Hola, but it's failed me badly on the last few Ireland games. Apparently it doesn't fool the RTE...
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    The awful diving thread

    Beat this!
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    Budapest/Vienna/Prague- two days each… advice?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice and what to see and do and where to eat in these three cities. We'll be spending two days and nights in each, with the exception of Budapest where we arrive late at night. I've only been to Budapest once back in 1999 where I had a local guiding us and my memory's...
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    What time does LIDL Cornmarket open?

    Does it exactly what it says on the tin. Google not he;ping. Ta'
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    Who the hell is actually better than Raheem Sterling?

    The burning question of the week
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    SF and left councillors in Cork, who?

    Need to organise an interview from someone on the left for a news story, who would be opposed to water meters. Any suggestions?
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    Best press conference EVER???

    Brilliant! Most surreal press conference I've ever seen, never seeing a manager being told what he can and can't say by his press officer like this before! Ex-Porto boss Vitor Pereira at Al Ahly Apologies if posted before, only got linked to it today. WZWjdbLnE_Y
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    Job interviews by Skype?

    Anyone ever done one of these? Is there anything in particular one would need to be aware of, i.e. given the nature with it not being actual face-to-face? Appreciated!
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    Capitol cinema to be turned into food hub? Sounds like a fine idea, but what are the odds on this actuality happening? I'd be surprised if Simon Coveney came up with this one all by himself?
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    Porto v Benfica tonight, title decider

    In nooooooooooo way a shameless attempt to, ahem, plug some work of mine. ;-) Nah really though, looking forward to this one. 8.30 tonight Irish Time, there'll be no problem pulling a good quality stream off first row. Both...