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  1. an liathroid beag

    Good Schmozzle!

    Great GAA Tradition.
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    Meta- rebranding shit?

    Makeover artists and advertising companies will make a killing :rolleyes: Facebook has been under intense scrutiny over the past several weeks, after revelations based on damning internal documents provided to the Wall Street Journal by whistleblower Frances Haugen showed, among other things...
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    PC gone Mad.

    Stonewall the UK lobbying charity on such matters has advised that the Mother word is not inclusive and with self righteous hilarity claim that she-he-they should be referred as a parent who has given birth. Trying to delegitismise, what is probably one of the most evocative words in the English...
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    Holocaust Day

    27th Jan- Holocaust day-could the Holocaust happen again?
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    Cabin Fever

    The wife has stopped talking to me, the kids are engaging in a demolition derby, I have nowhere to escape and we ore only 4 days into this :(
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    Coke Epidemic.

    Addiction treatment doctor on Drivetime suggesting that we may lose a generation due to the rampant abuse of Coke which has reached alarming proportions in the past twelve months. He also claimed, In extreme cases it is fuelling domestic violence, extreme and often deadly random violence...
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    A previously unknown virus, first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Dec. 31, is seriously worrying global health experts. The World Health Organization announced Monday that it was convening an emergency meeting on the virus, which is a coronavirus, a species common in animals that...
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    Compo Culture

    An uninjured reporter walked into four different doctor surgeries complaining of "neck pain and stiffness after a rear ending accident". Without over exaggerating the symptoms and after examinations lasting on average 2 minutes she walked with a whiplash diagnosis and a sick certificate,
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    Big Pharma.

    Up to 400,000 dead, up to 2.5 Million addicts from prescribed opiates in the US. Johnson & Johnson and others led a very successful lobbying and advertising campaign to push their very addictive opiate pain killers.
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    Proc Virtue Signalling

    Breaking out like a bad rash in the most inappropriate places. :(
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    Is Anything Sacred

    Is anything Sacred? The ladies take an age for a piss and we are Speedy Gonzales at it so now they plan to take our urinals from us and force us to queue Women attending theatres across Ireland have long faced a dilemma at the interval: to pee or not to pee? Such are the length of the queues...
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    Leftie Pseudo-liberal Virtue Signallers

    Plenty of them posting on here!
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    Size Matters

    New study shows that even 1cm makes a big difference M8s ;)
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    Romance is dead M8s :(
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    The Flash Boys!

    Leo, Harris, and Murphy, all image and no substance!
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    Cead Failte Cork!

    Just Confirming what we already know! :D Cork has been voted the third friendliest city in the world by Condé Nast Traveller in their August 2018 poll. The City by the Lee fended off competition from rival Irish cities Dublin and Galway to land the third spot, with the travel magazine’s...
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    An Alternative Voice.

    Recently 8,500 people paid good money to hear an intellectual discussion in Dublins 3 Arena. Why you might ask would people pay money to hear a discussion when these can be heard ad nauseum on the Media. The answer was that was an alternative viewpoint at odds with the consensus PC liberal Left...
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    Ana Kriegel

    Detectives hunting the brutal killers of Anastasia Kriegel believe she was murdered after a vicious sex attack and that DNA samples from her body will nail them. In a disturbing development, officers are examining whether a group of teenagers was responsible for the barbaric killing. Officers...
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    Not happy at all with us meat eaters :(
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    Meat is Murder.

    According to some of the Vegans :confused: