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    Corkman in "arrogant" shocka!

    Oh dear God. Which one of you was it?
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    Map of Neo Nazi locations in Ireland 22 in Cork. Interesting.
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    Anyone beaten in the Ivory Tower

    This forum's gone to shit. FFS Mockery Etc tucker
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    Great day for the Smuggerati

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    Crushingly familiar

    "These guys love Britain so much that they all seem to live in Gibraltar. Their "comments" were characterised by a suspicion of nuance, a tin ear for irony, a conviction that political correctness and Stalinism were the same thing, and a graceless irascibility of the kind we are now expected to...
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    Friday joke thread

    Heard about the hipster who burnt the roof of his mouth? He ate the pizza before it was cool
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    Desert Island Discs

    Eight choons, one book, one luxury. Go for it.
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    Disappointing lunch

    Meh pasta dealy. Really need to start making lunch at home. Gimme some ideas here there la
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    Hangover songs

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    Maria Sharapova

    Had kinda forgot about her. Fair play. Lovely girl.
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    FAO people who are not journalists

    How much of a problem do you have with this: "On 27 June 2011, Johann Hari was accused of plagiarism because it appeared that in many of his interviews he had taken quotations from previous interviews with his subject by other journalists, or from past writings of his subject, and written them...
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    The one that got away thread

    Tell us your what-might-have-been, why-didn't-I-say, we-could-have-babies-by-now romantic sob stories here. yes, this thread is ghey.
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    three-day week!

    Gawd bless the royal family.
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    1916 and all that

    95 years ago today. Was it a martyrdom operation? Or just tactically naive? Did they have a mandate? Is that even a relevant question? Was it worth it? LET'S HAVE A HEATED DEBATE
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    It's Friday. Make me laugh

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    Favey fictional character

    from a book, not a fillum. I like Tess. And Comstock from Keep The Aspadistra Flying.
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    FAO foodie folk

    Birthday dinner: The Tannery, or Cliff House?
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    Things you get away with when living out foreign

    1. Quoting long tracts of poetry. Foreigners love it. Irish people realise the only poems you know are from Soundings, and that you were forced to learn them.
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    Norris for President!

    And he's off!
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    On realising one is hungover half way through the day

    Hmm. Someone go out and get me a ham and cheese toastie there