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    I almost have a headache

    You that feeling where everything is a bit fuzzy and the muscles around your temples are a bit tensed and you feel like your head should be splitting but it's not? Well I have that now. Maybe this phenomenon is confined solely to my life experience, if so feel free to judge me.
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    Hedgehogs are being set on fire?

    Locals taking action on these creatures. They don't want or like the Erinaceinaean culture so they burned them. Bit extreme but understandable in a way. Look out hedgehogs in future as the Irish don't seem to want them.
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    National broadband scheme

    So the folks are living out in the wilds and finally biting the bullet and getting broadband. It's only just available at home with Three in the last few weeks. I was wondering does anybody have any experience of either the Huawei e1750 USB modem or the Huawei E5830 MiFi product? The MiFi thingy...
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    Would you ever

    stop making all these copycat threads?
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    Paul "Unparliamentary Language" Gogarty

    Effing and blinding in the Dáil. He was always a bit odd. Audio link
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    Who would your favourite outlaws from history be? I was always quite a fan of Sean Rua na Gaortha.
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    The Official What Makes A Thread Official Thread

    That other fella got his thread name formatting all wrong.
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    Building collapse

    On Castle street according to Today FM news.
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    Dear PROC...

    Stop disappearing for hours on end and forcing me to alleviate the boredom at work by reading It really is terrible shite.
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    That music on Sky ads.

    The ads with young Hopkins praising the virtues of Rocky and so on. What's the music in the ad?
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    Where would one buy cheesecloth in Cork?

    I'm sure it's readily available, I've just never bought it. Would it be more a kitchen shop dealio or is it the kinda thing you'd pick up in a supermarket and I've just been blithely walking on by it all these years? Also, is muslin the same thing as cheesecloth. Or is one a subset of th'other?
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    Ideas for lowering your carbon number.

    1. Don't waste time looking up shitty websites like and turn off yer fecking computer.
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    First back...

    Am I?
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    Martin Mansergh

    Rambling away on Today FM there with young Cooper. God I hate that man. He's not as smug as usual though which is a bonus.
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    Blasphemous libel

    Link So what do ye think? How the hell am I supposed to bait religious types with my pamphlets and ironic t-shirts?
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    Ginger beer (lashings and lashings thereof)

    I've taken to drinking ginger beer recently, specifically Old Jamaica. Tis a touch on the sweet side though. I was contemplating an attempt to make some of my own. Has anybody ever attempted to make and their own? Regale me with tales of (ginger beer making related) derring-do.
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    Legalization of drugs

    There's an article in the guardian claiming that legalizing drugs would save the UK economy £14bn. What are people's opinions on the matter? Link
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    Brian Kerr - New Faroe Islands manager

    Young Kerr appears to have taken over the Faroe Islands. I'm slightly surprised he never got a job in club football in England, even at lower level, Iain Dowie keeps getting jobs so it's hard to understand. Maybe he had no interest himself. Link
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    Dubliner cheese

    Why do their ads waffle on about the eighties, and great memories of same involving Dubliner cheese in various snacks, even though the cheese was only launched onto the market in 1996? I suppose I shouldn't expect any more from a cheese called Dubliner that's made in Ballineen.
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    Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    I went to see this yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyable film, some great performances. However, that fucking narrator was head-wrecking. Apart from the fact he had a really annoying voice, the narration was entirely unnecessary and detracted from the film.