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    PROC departure

    I am leaving the PROC. Have emailed admin to delete my account. I have found, and am sure many of you have too, that I am a cranky bollocks finding fault with so many people on here. There are too many. No way to pass the time on the net, arguing the toss with people i don't even know. So, in...
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    Lamps and PÓL

    i love them! INTERNET would be boring without them. Thanks guys....please don't change!
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    How did

    todays bread today change his name to FL4ZGN?
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    we are the friendliest so fuck all the rest Ireland has topped a list of the World's Friendliest Countries in a survey drawn up by the Lonely Planet travel guide group. The Lonely Planet Bluelist books are annual collections of the top trends, destinations and experiences around the...
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    the official bye bye little sammy lee thread
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    guy on 96fm right now

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    Stephen Ireland's contract

    read he signed a new 5 year contract replacing the 4 year one he had... cos he had cashflow problems!!!
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    the official Kenny Cunningham hair thread

    Bad hair day dude. accept it, you are officially a baldie.
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    traffic this AM

    what the hell was the story....45 mins to get from douglas to bishopstown on the link road??????
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    The official crow thread

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    unlucky piarsaighs

    were damn unlucky not to steal the game from Nemo. Overall, nemo had more class and were able to work the ball up field with more ease. Some very poor shooting though. I know that Piarsaighs could not have started with the two returning O - Hailpins , but if they had they would have beaten...
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    my new Internet plaything...
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    a forgotten swearword or not.
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    madrid a goal down

    vaya cosa, y no es oficial Je je je
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    i love being a corkman

    i am having fun being a corkman
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    The official - I will miss you Jose - thread

    I will miss the guy. Always good for soundbites and controversy. Much more interesting than the bland and blind Wegner, or the softly spoken insipid Benitez. I hope he stays in England so the musing of Jose are not lost. He brightened up the Premiership with his great character, if not great...
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    Congrats To The Proc

    great show on getting Patrick St. decked out in the colours. Kudos to you! Rebels Abú!
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    neil 'we're all jealous of him' prendeville

    plugged the PROC and praised their cork colour campaign.. still a langer though...
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    just got my tickets

    yoo hoo
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    what is with

    cork people using the dublin - 'wha' at the end of their sentences? Fickle and eclectic; but pathetic; wha'!