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    come dine with me cork

    (this might be here already so apologises if it is) Is that an ex proccer on come dine with me cork?
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    Rylan tickets

    I know I'll be flattened for asking but by any chance has anyone two tickets to Rylan tomorrow night that they'd very kindly sell me? :-D
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    Flights Cork to Swansea

    When did this place get all fancy looking?? Anyone know if you can fly Cork to Swansea?
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    Brian Linehan

    Anyone hear rumours about him tonight?
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    Anyone want to buy a dog?

    We have a gorgeous Lakeland Terrier but have to get rid of him :( Any takers?
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    Congrats to Wallace!!

    Delighted she's here safe and well :)
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    There may already be something on this but is anyone else having problems getting into facebook? I can't get in since yesterday and I'm starting to shake :silly:
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    Quick CV question

    Ugh, what a boring job. Anyone know a fancy way to say that I looked after the customers while they waited for their cars to be ready? :confused:
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    Happy birthday Wallace

    I know I'm 15 minutes early but I can't stay awake anymore. I tried but I'm too old! Have a great day :bday::bday:
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    FAO Parents

    I need to buy a sex ed book for my small boy. Anyone recommend one for a 10 year old?
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    He's everywhere tonight. Was on QI a few minutes ago and now he's on Never mind the Buzzcocks :mrgreen:
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    People don't send them often enough. I just got a gorgeous bunch delivered in work and I must say, they've brightened up a dull day and put a smile on my face :D
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    Your box needs emptying :D
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    Enjoy the weekend!

    Have fun everyone! I'm going home YaY :bday:
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    Your box is full!
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    Wallace - your inbox is full

    Need to ask you something :D
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    Wardrobe Malfunction

    Just heard yer man on 2fm asking should you tell someone. Twice this week I've come across males flying low but I couldn't tell them for fear of embarrassing the two of us. Would ye rather be told or remain blissfully ignorant?
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    People with too much time on their hands

    I got an email in work this morning saying: 'Was just looking at your website and you might note that business is spelt wrong in your address. You might have this seen to.' FFS sake - I'm mortified for her :rolleyes:
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    Was anyone watching this last night? I can't think what the nurse, Louise, was in. I think it was a soap. It's driving me mad :mad:
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    Cooking for dummies

    I'm finally taking the plunge and moving out of home. I'm well able to take care of the two of us, apart from the cooking. I never really had to do it cos the mammy was always there but now I need to know how to throw a simple but proper dinner together. (Bearing in mind that the small boy is...