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    The Club Players Association - not before time.

    Launched nationally this morning in Dublin. Its mission, to Fix the Fixtures. The CPA are asking all adult club members to sign up online in the coming weeks. It takes 30 seconds and it's free. The CPA are asking for the consent of every club member in Ireland to represent them centrally on...
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    Transatlantic flights get green light.

    It's on like donkey kong. Norwegian air to Boston. License granted in the U.S.
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    Any Franks or Sultans gig this Christmas?

    I know there is none advertised - just wondering if anyone knows if it is still possible/likely?
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    Mrs Merton goes bang.

    Aged 52. RIP.
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    Luke Ming Flanagan goes Bong.

    I'll get my coat.
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    The Temporary EURO 2016 Tickets Thread

    Anyone get any good news from Uefa today re tickets? Do you get an email or do you just know when the money leaves your account?
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    Cash call 96fm

    What are the odds? Got a call out of the blue last week from Steve Haze for the cash call. Took a guess, half suspecting it was a piss take and I won!! Cheque arrived today. Sweet. 96fm - a great bunch of lads. Thanks, Steve.
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    The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

    Seems most people, like myself can't open the old thread. Maybe it's time for part deux.... I don't know much about this new German lad Can - is he the business or not?
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    Tony Leen caught by the bollix.:-)

    Leen exposed by the sunday times today on page four. Turns out Kerry bollix Leen plagiarised comprehensively Hugh McIlvanneys tribute to Jock Stein from 27 years ago. He accepted widespread plaudits for the flowery piece before christmas. But now Leen saying it was an error of ommission and...
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    any filling stations open?

    Southside in particular?
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    Billy Morgan, Dinny Allen, Jimmy Kerrigan, Lamps......

    Are you listening??? Your boys took one hell of a beating here in Pairc Ui Rinn tonight!!!!!! (Ok, ok, indulge me. - They lost by one point after extra time in a replay.) But afaik its the first time Bishopstown have beaten Nemo in SFC. Warriors all over the field and yes, truly amazing...
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    for sale: black jacket.

    Yadda yadda yadda. Isn't one of these threads mandatory?
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    Kony creator: Prendy's number one fan.

    Hasn't Jason Russell, creator of Kony 2012 only gone and got himself arrested for masturbating in public. Time to form a support group.
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    man v food.

    on dave now. Where has this show been all my life. I'm starving watching this. And i've just had my dinner.
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    Sovereignty for sale.

    We know our sovereignty was lost this time last year. This was a direct result of the sovereign subsuming huge private debt. Totally unjust, whatever way you cut it. The debt is crippling, all the more so in the face of world economic stagnation/collapse. If the debt is the problem, then debt...
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    cork lad running the show at the bernabeau tonight.

    he's well in control. Fair play to him.
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    West Brits.

    West Brits. I understand the concept. I've been thinking about it lately, and its becoming more and more common as a term of abuse, especially today with Martin McGuinness using it to describe elements of the media who oppose his candidacy. How does one qualify as a West Brit? If one found...
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    Whither the digusted fianna failers?

    Surely there must be a large cohort of the remaining ff voters looking for a new home this evening. Where will they go, and how might they be courted? Or are they too hardcore to vote for anyone else?
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    I'm nervous about next week......

    New unemployment figures and tax take figures published next week. Rumoured to be a lot worse than forecast. Murmurs already about another, even more savage budget in April/May cutting up to 6 billion euro more. Whatever confidence is left will get the shit kicked out of it.
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    gmc now