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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    Emmet J Scanlan. Must be worse actor on telly. Same mumbling moron on everything he's in.
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    Dfs cork do they have bed showroom?

    My daughter bought a sofa off them in Jan 20. It arrived in November. Bit of a joke
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    Delaney dropped

    Shock horror. Poor John Delaney has lost his woman as well as his job. She says she was let down by him. Nothing to do with the end of the high life. Who's she kidding. No doubt on the lookout for another mug with money
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    Flight attendant sues estate of late Cranberries star

    Stamped on her foot ? Another money grabing chancer. The legal lads must have no shame at all. A FLIGHT attendant caught up in an alleged air-rage incident five years ago which saw Cranberries star Dolores O’Riordan removed from an Aer Lingus plane is proceeding with a damages claim...
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    Going there with few lads and wondering if ye could recommend a good area to stay. Near night life etc.
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    Ladies bike for sale

    Herself is selling her bike as It was going to sue her for neglect. Its in excellent condition and hasnt really been used as the car is a lot more comfy. 10 gears etc We are in southside
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    Boston + New York

    Heading across to Trump land next year for first time. 10 days in all , in April. Arriving and departing from Boston . Just wondering what most convenient and reasonable areas to stay + If we went to New York how long would suffice . All other tips greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Specsavers etc

    Any of ye tried SpecSavers or Vision Express. Got a quote recently, from an optician, for very basic distance glasses - 340 euro. Just wondering if the other two are worth a go. Dont want to feck up my eyes for a few quid but dont want to get ripped off either.
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    Couger on the loose

    Heard on Morning Ireland that a Cougar is reported to be on the loose in County Cork. Was gonna ring in and say try Cantys Thats a good place to find them
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    Trying to find somewhere different for the hols this year. Have been to Greece , which we love, many times Also Spain . Like to relax but not doss on beach all day. Good grub ,wines would be good too. Any of ye been to Malta and if so any suggestions. Corsica also mentioned to me - any advice folks
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    Cant open PROC on phone

    Help. For last few days i cant open any subject on PROC . I get list of threads as normal but when i select one it just highlights it and thats all. Anyone come across this
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    Virgin Mobile coverage

    Am a long time customer of Meteor - now Eir. Sim only which costs me 25 a month. Virgin Media are offering me a package for 5 a month for five months and then 25 a month after that. 30 Day contract Seems too good to be true. Reason I'm asking is they use 3 network and I heard coverage isnt...
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    What do ye do new years eve.

    Stayed in watching jools for years as the kids were young then my dad would call out till new year came in. Sadly he died and kids will all be back in various cities. Went to Berlin last year which was great. Home this year and was wondering if there's a buzz in town or is it dead
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    I'm a celebrity.

    Watched this shite yonks ago. For half hour. and hated it. Workmates telling me how good it is so tried again. What total crap. telly is going to the dogs
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    Skoda Octavia

    Having slagged the shit out of Skoda cars for years I'm ashamed to say I'm impressed with the new Octavia. Fella at work got one and it seems the biz. Driving a Hyandai at the mo and either looking at a I30 or Octavia next. Any of ye out there bought a Ocatvia and if so would ye recommend it .
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    I pad not charging

    I pad won't charge. Have tried holding power and home buttons together plus got new charger. Anyone got ideas
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    My Daughter is living in Sydney and is mad for us to go out there for hols. Question is would two week s be too short, its all I can get off work. Also is there a preferred carrier or route ?. Thanks
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    Brittany + Normandy

    Am off to France in Early May for six nights. Start in Cherburg and end up in Roscoff. Any nice spots that ye would recommend. Maybe two nights in each place but am open to anything.
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    Workplace Wankers

    I worked in real world for a long time. Now in job semi government related. It's a doddle yet all I'm listening is clowns around me telling me they're burned out. Donald j would fix these clowns
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    Wi Fi Extenders

    Can any of ye recommend a good wi fi extender. They are on net from 25 to 150 euro. Router is on ground floor and reaches first floor ok but not second floor.