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    Silly Goose goes.....BANG
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    Barbara Harte keeps the house

    Sad chapter for all, house is for sale and the man is given a clean (ish) slate. He gave it a go and has a few tales to tell. Move on now and no need for the wife's name to be on the thread?
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    Marina Market to go BANG?

    Im sure someone else will get something similar up and running, the chancers in the Marina market did so ballsy without any permission from anyone...
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    Marina Market to go BANG?

    But a PD at heart, that was his party and whatever spawn became of them is his now. Don't think politics relevant here or this loose connection that is trying to be made between him and other parties?
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    biggest PROC nutter of all time?

    those people who start forums saying so and so goes BANG?
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    The characters of Cork

    Anyone know High Kick Kev up by UCC? tall man often stretching and showing off how high he can kick his legs. Danny I shared in my video a few pages back is a good character too, heard he was from Ballyphehane and involved in an accident but goes around town now giving out chocolate bars or...
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    Players lost to GAA

    Chiedozie Ogbene would have increased the margin for Nemo on Sunday had he not been snapped up by the foreign games. Fine footballer
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    The characters of Cork

    Has to be Danny , loves live music
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Erins Own 8th - behind two teams that didn't qualify or win games? come off the stage
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    2022 Premier Junior Hurling

    This fixture is the standalone fixture in da parc next Saturday. Interesting one, they must be anticipating a big crowd in from both respective clubs.
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    Tough decision for BOC, the drop off rate of young academy players is frightening especially if they are anyway injury prone. What a shame Darren Sweetnam didnt stay hurling, starting league for cork seniors at 19/20?
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    Junior A Hurling Championship 2022

    Could see Dromtariffe having a readily straight passage to the final here, Kilshanning might be a stiffer test than what comes from Carbery/Caarigdhoun
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    2022 Intermediate A hurling

    Should be a great final . Great buzz about Dungourney for this final and they seem to be getting better with each game
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    This Blackrock team never know when they are beat . Louis Mulqueen has been a good addition, undecided if I agree with his comments that Pat Ryan should be looking at Cotter and Deasy , although there are many lively forwards putting their hands up this campaign . Hayes and Cunningham doing well...
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    2022 Premier Junior Hurling

    The finals of the PJHC on Saturday 19 October 2022, it seems to be a standalone fixture . Hard one to call Ballygiblin to edge it perhaps . Tracton coach Frank Hickey quoted in the examiner saying their squad have great togetherness so Tracton as usual would be a tough team to beat . Could...
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    Junior A Football Championship 2022

    Seems to be a lack of planning/communication between divisional boards and county boards. Harsh on Argideen last week and now Ballinhassig being forced to play midweek. I heard some clubs in divisions wanted to play off Championship fixtures in June but were refused. Cullen looked decent...
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    2022 Premier Senior Hurling

    I would find fard to fault the incumbant No.1, a smashing player with a great hurling intelligence