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    Lugs, I mean Laura Brannigan apreciation thread

    Are there any threads here about him, I mean her?
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    Maniac on Netflix

    was going to put this in what TV show are you watching now but thought it deserved a thread of its own. Anyone else started watching it yet?
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    Nostalgia much?

    Feel like I went back in time after coming back here and seeing all the old threads on the first page.
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    Symphony of Science anybody?

    I like what they done there. It's pretty cool. So many questions and Ideas all in one song. I feel like I find something different to think about and ponder on overtime I listen to it. f0vlrTVC2tQ
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    Did any one watch.....

    ....... Happy Valley on the Beeb? I thought it was amazing! It's Grim, Very Grim
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    The Kybalion Discuss Anyone?
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    I don't want to create an alt but......

    ........ I'm getting a bit fed up with my username.
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    Cagney and Lacey

    Just saw a bit of it there. Cagney had obviously been shot earlier in the show, either that or she was getting an abortion? Anyway, Lacey brings her a big pair of thigh high hot pink 'follow me home and fuck me boots' to the hospital. Ah the 80's
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    Spies who went on to Write Spy Novels

    Frederick Forsyth, Ian Flemming, John La Carre Thoughts? Anyone? Saw a great interview with John La Carre there and thinking of getting one of his books Anyone here read much of that stuff?
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    Do you believe in Aliens?

    Saw this mad story about some alien being interviewed in Hangar 18 by the government where they used telepathiic translators. What a load of bollix. There might be life out there and we might be visited by it. Stil, these stories all seem so contrived that they do more to prevent me from...
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    Here's wan for ya Ferny...

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    Capitol Hill on Lockdown

    Watching it on Sky News now.
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    Film Question, Elephant?

    Has anyone seen that film 'Elephant' ? I came across it there searching the song 'pumped up kicks' on YouTube. It's about the columbine school shooting or some other incident like it. It seems like a very harrowing subject for a film and I'm not sure if I could stomach it or not so I thought...
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    Has anyone ever....

    ......,,, fried a slice of orange. I did yesterday, threw it in the wok with some mushrooms and orange beef marinade. It was nice. Reminded me a bit of those pineapple slices that people put on burgers sometimes only nicer.
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    Your favourite films about film making

    My new favourite one is 'The Magic Box' 1951 Directed by John Boulting starring Robert Donat as William Friesse Greene who had one of the worlds first patents of the cinema camera. Other notable films about film making are The Player 1992 directed by...
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    Do you subscribe to any YouTube Channels?

    If so what music/film channels do you like? I sub to TruThought records and Yuna and Noisey/Vice
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    Tom Hanks as Walt Disney?

    Discuss Anyone?
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    Who would you most like to make music with....

    .........who is in the here and now of this contemporary era. I'm gonna say....... Grimes
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    The Free Masons, it's not a secret society.......'s a society with secrets. According to this chap in the red team on bargain hunt. Well that clears up that then. should shut up all the conspiracy theorists for the next few hundred years or so.
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    Ten Year Old foils home invasion